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Important Current Affairs articles

RBI Grade B (DEPR) – Phase 2 ( Paper -2) on Economics

There were two parts with 5 questions each. 2 questions need to be attempted from each part and one question ...
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Understanding Language With Artificial Intelligence

This article summarizes an article titled “AI’s Next Great Challenge: Understanding the Nuances of Language”. To refer full article click ...
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reproductive rights of women

What are reproductive rights of women?

The state of the world population report (2019) of UNFFA has for the first time come up with the data ...
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What are fixed dose combination drugs?

Fixed-dose combination (FDC) is a combination of more than one Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient in a fixed ratio of dosage to ...
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India's groundwater crisis

Report on India’s groundwater crisis?

With billion population depending on Ground Water worldwide, the significance of it is well increasing with the increasing population specially ...
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Renewable Energy Certificates

What are Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)?

RECS are an environment commodity which provides economic incentives for electricity generation from renewable energy sources. RECS is awarded for ...
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Evolution of Aadhaar system

How has Aadhar system evolved so far?

Former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi remarked that “ for every 1 Rupee sent/allotted from Delhi, only 15 paisa reaches on ...
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Women’s financial literacy

How strong is women financial literacy in India?

Financial inclusion means getting access to finance on credits especially for the vulnerable section of society at an affordable cost ...
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PMI: Purchasing Managers’ Index is 50.6: Don’t worry it is not recession.

This is dialogue between Mr Curious(C) and Mr Omniscient (O) on release of PMI which is at its two year ...
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Sensex: Hit New High. Is it Good News?

This is dialogue between Mr Curious(C) and Mr Omniscient (O) on recent high which Sensex has kissed. C: Today Sensex ...
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National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) ranking

Why is NIRF ranking important in college selection?

The NIRF framework is the brainchild of Minister of Human Resource and Development [MHRD] which aims to rank educational institutions ...
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disaster management in coastal regions

What is disaster management plan for coastal regions in India?

The coastline of India measures 7516km which is prone to frequent disasters like – cyclone, tsunami, floods, etc. Recently cyclone ...
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Uncontrolled antimicrobial resistance

What is uncontrolled antimicrobial resistance?

Antimicrobial resistance is the resistance offered by microorganisms like bacteria, virus, etc. to antibiotics used to kill microbial bodies. The ...
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Roles and Responsibilities of CAG in india

Roles and Responsibilities of CAG in india

CAG is a supreme Audit Institutions established under the guiding principle of Act—148 of Indian constitution, which audit all the ...
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AGR verdict on telcos

Supreme Court AGR verdict on telecom companies

This is conversation between Mr Curious(C) and Mr Omniscient (O) on recent SC verdict on telcos and heavy fines on ...
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India: Ease of Doing Business – Not all true what seems

This is dialogue between Po and master Shifu regarding Ease of doing business ranking. Po: Recently, World Bank has issued ...
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Intra-Afgan dialogue

What is Intra-Afgan dialogue?

Intro Afghan dialogue is the negotiations upon the peace process include a ceasefire, etc. between the national unity government of ...
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currency swap

What is meaning of currency swap?

A currency swap is an arrangement whereby two currencies are exchanged generally between two central banks in lies of a ...
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Banking correspondants are representatives of banks (commericial banks, RRB) who help in facilitating banking services to customers. Click to know more.

What are banking correspondents?

Any individual, corporation society, business entity, society, NGO etc. Providing banking services in the areas where they’re in no facility ...
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national security architecture

What are shortcomings of national security architecture?

India is geographically placed adjacent to a stable nation. Thus its national security architecture has to be robust. However, it ...
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crimes against women

Why is crimes against women is high in India?

Rape cases in India are increasing day by day. Recently a minor was raped by a local in Boudipur District ...
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Gender budgeting

What is Gender budgeting?

How gender budgeting works: – Reappropriation – Reappropriation of budgeting allowances rather than increasing budgetary allowances to gender needs. Reorientation ...
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Indian ocean

Why is Indian Ocean so important?

Indian Ocean is the third largest ocean in the world surrounded by India, Africa and South East Asian countries from ...
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catastrophe bonds

What are catastrophe bonds?

India is proving to natural disasters – floods, earthquakes, cyclones, heat waves, forest fires, droughts, etc. The recent Cyclone Fani ...
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How does internet impact our daily life?

Internet is the network of globally connected computer systems which uses Internet protocol for linking such systems. Since it’s an ...
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What is BIMSTEC?

Recently India has invited by BIMSTEC to attained the oath ceremony of an Indian prime minister but did not invite ...
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cyber crime

What is cyber crime?

Cyber Crime Crimes committed over the platforms which use the internet are cyber crimes Example – Bank thefts Stealing confidential ...
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Who are Rohingya and what are their issues?

Rohingyas are an ethnic group belonging to the Muslim community in Myanmar. However, the country has not given its people ...
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What are microplastics?

Microplastics Microplastics are plastic particles having a diameter of less than 5mm. They can be of 2 types. Microplastics – ...
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malnourishment in India

How severe is malnourishment in India?

As per NFHS – 4 [2015 – 16] the percentage of stunted children below 9 years and underweight are 38.4% ...
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