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What is Flowchart | How to design a Flowchart | Flowchart Components

Computer Science subject has emerged as most preferred course of modern times. Education policy of many countries including US, India stress more and more on computer literacy and its application. Most of the high paying jobs are now getting created for people having expertise in computer science. Hence it becomes very important that students give more attention to computer science subject in schools and colleges.

Computer Science subjects deal about interaction with machine, interaction through web and mobile, running automated processes, processing high speed data and many more. A computer programmer writes a program which is read by computer, which does the required processing.

What is Flowchart?

For computer programmer to start writing a programmer, he/she first understand the requirement (what computer is intend to do in the program), and create a broad level architecture of flow of the program. This process is depicted in graphical format using pen and paper or computer and the graphical representation is called flowchart. Hence flowchart is basically step wise visual representation of sequence of steps and decision needed when the program is executed.

Flowchart making is usually a part of computer science assignment in school and colleges. In this article, we will explain you on flowchart design, and different components of flowchart and how to use them.

Designing a flow chart

Suppose you need to design a program to convert inch to cm.

Let’s break the problem into steps

  • Step 1: Program will start – this will using some action like refreshing a page, clicking a button etc
  • Step 2: Program will take input – this is what we need to see in cm, and current unit is inch
  • Step 3: Program will do the calculation – computer will do the required mathematical operation that is multiplying input by 2.54 to convert inch to cm
  • Step 4: Show result – displaying result in cm
  • Step 5: Stop the program – End of desired process

Flow chart components

Here is list of most popularly used design elements of flowchart.

  • Terminator –It is only defined at start and end of the process.
  • Decision– This is used when program need to take decision based on the information
  • Process – This define a particular process in the program
  • Document – Operation where data is read by people inform of printed document
  • Multiple Documents – Operation where data is read by people inform of multiple printed documents
  • Data Storage – Operation where information is stored in database
  • Input Output– Operation where user input is required
  • Database – Operation where external data is used for storing, retrieving, updating information
  • Connector – Integration point of processes
  • Manual Input– Indicate any operation that performed manually by a person
  • Merge – Indicate a step that combines multiple set into one
  • Manual Operation– Indicate any operation that performed manually
  • Display– Data is displayed for user to read

flowchart making

Example of flowchart

Refer to following flowchart examples. It will give you an idea of how to create flowchart for your school computer course project.

  • Flowchart example of using mathematical operation Link
  • Flowchart example of creating Class object. Link


In this article, we have share complete details of flowchart design for computer assignment in schools and colleges. We have seen definition of flowchart, as well usage of flowchart. We also use various design components which are commonly used in flowchart, and how to design a flowchart. We hope that user will find this article useful in creating their computer science project.

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