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Benefits of Live online Math classes | How to select tutor for online Math classes for Grade 6-12

Math is one of the major subjects that students studied in their school. It’s application is wide in one’ career. If you want to go for engineering subjects or you want to go for commerce and accounting, math is one thing which you will keep interacting on day to day basis. For other career streams also, Math plays an important roles.

Math is also one of the subjects where students struggle. Weak students face difficulties in understanding concepts, and usage of it. And even average and good students sometimes struggle when problem is asked in different way. In mathematics, it is easier said that practice is learning. Questions will not be asked simply of putting data in the formula. You need to understand the question carefully, understanding the question, and how to use data, and solve the given problem. It is said that in mathematics, most of students understand the concepts, but what differ a good student with a weak student is number of questions practiced.

Importance of live online math classes

Various surveys indicate that student in age group of 13-17 years (during mid and secondary education) struggle in Math. They were used to simple mathematical operations like addition, multiplication etc in smaller classes, but when they enter middle school, they come up topics like algebra, trigonometry , and in higher school topics like calculus. These topics are application oriented, and their questions are not solved just by putting a formula.

In large classroom environment, like in school or in large tuition centers, teacher takes classes of 30-50 students in a batch. This means teacher do not have enough time to focus on each and every student, neither each student will get time to raise doubts. This mean that teacher become highly ineffective for larger batches, especially when you are weak in any subject. This means either student need to put in extra hours after hours of self-practice, or his/her parents need to give dedicated teaching time. One another and effective way is the engage of private math tuition teacher who can offer live online math classes. Some parents also go with home tuitions for math too.

Benefits of live online math tuition classes

Some of the benefits of live online math tutoring are as follow:

  • Dedicated teacher attention
  • Instant doubt solving
  • Customized course design (material as well as tests) as per student
  • Instant feedback loop
  • Regular communication to parents

Overall, live online math classes mean that learning is better, when teacher is able to give complete attention to the child. Teacher will be able to find out the weaknesses of the child easily, and make his/her to practice more questions on the weak areas. It is easier way to learn too.

For example:

Live online math classes for 6th grade help student in easily navigating from primary math to middle school math, whereas online math classes for 7th grade help student in understanding basics of algebra and trigonometry clearly. Class 8 math becomes more difficult with new concepts in trigonometry, statistics etc. Here online math tutor will help student understand by concept building and practice course for mathematics. For secondary math, concepts become tougher, and a dedicated online math tuition teacher will help your child to learn each and every concept easily.

How to search for online math live classes teacher

  • Search for Google on best online math live classes teacher. There are many listing websites which offer list of math teachers for middle school and secondary school
  • Check their qualifications, quality, teaching methodology to understand whether will be best fit for your child’ math requirements
  • Check for their tuition charges to see if they fit with your budget. Remember, education is something which will impact your child career. So sometime cheaper options may not be effective. But you can make this judgment as you have already seen the teacher quality and teaching methodology
  • Check for available slots and classes requirement per week/month

You can also contact Xamnation team and they will also guide you on how to find best math teachers. Contact or whatsapp +91 9988708161 for more information.

About Xamnation

Xamnation is offering online tuition classes in all subjects from Class 1-12. You can find best teachers on this platform who take online live classes, and give personalized coaching as per the student requirement. We have teachers available in all subjects including Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Computer Science, and languages like French, Hindi, Kannada, Marathi etc. Contact us for more information.

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