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About Teachers

Xamnation is a group of IIT and IIM graduates. All our teachers are highly passionate subject experts who love teaching. We have handpicked teaching team based on your course requirement.  Our teachers go through rigorous screening and training process, and only then they will be selected as Xamnation tutors. We have teachers from premier institutes like IIT, IIM, Delhi University etc.

Course Requirement

  • Good internet connection

Course Structure

Our teachers will build the strong foundation of Grade 6 English. Our learning methodology and personalized attention help each students learn at his/her pace

We will provide with extensive practice resources. We have worksheets, objective test, full length papers. Our teachers will discuss the questions in details post assessment.

Our teachers will be available 24×7 to help in doubts. Students can contact them anytime, and they will be glad to help.

Course Features

  • Well experienced teachers
  • Book sessions based on your required – From one session to full course
  • One on one batch or 1:10 batch only
  • 24×7 doubt clearing assistance available
  • Schedule classes based on your convenient time and place
  • Tuitions available for CBSE, ICSE, IB, state boards English subjects
  • Book special doubt classes for Class 6 English subject
  • Book special concept understanding tuitions for Class 6 English
  • Book special problem solving session (book, question paper, worksheets, assignment) in Class 6 English tuitions.

Key Benefits of Grade 6 English tuitions

Class 6 is an important class for any student. It is where student future career will be decided based on his/her performance in final exams. It is hence very important that students who are on verge of appearing for the Class 6 exam, have strong fundamentals and absolute clarity on each and every subjects. Class 6 also covers complex topics and theories in all subjects.  It is very important that students should take home tuitions or online classes, if they are lacking in any concepts or fundamentals for their Grade 6 exams. Taking online tuition helps them to achieve their dream of scoring higher marks and paves a golden pathway for the years to come.

Fact is Class 6 English syllabus is vast and diverse. Often, school teachers try to rush up syllabus due its vastness and limited timeline to complete it, which means that many students lag behind in Class 6 English concept understanding, and it is reflected in their final scorecard. It also make huge gap when these students who have concept understanding issues in English language goes for higher studies. As we know, a weak base impact whole structure, likewise these students struggle in their whole career, as the very fundamentals are weak. It is hence very important that students understand the importance of online coaching for Grade 6 English, which will help them cover gaps, and also make them at par with class toppers. For this reason, English tuition for Class 6 is the need of the hour for most students.

Xamnation is an online learning portal that provides online tuitions for Grade 6 English subjects. Xamnation Grade 6 English course is custom designed as per students’ requirement. If for example, student is weak in Class 6 literature portion of English, student can book sessions only on those topics. Student can book online Class 6 English sessions on concept understanding, special doubt classes, practicing problems from books and worksheets etc. By signing up for our English tuition, students can rest assured that they would receive individual attention from the online tutor in the convenience of their homes. Our private Class 6 English tutors provide quality education to the students at competitive prices.

Our private tutors provide a customized learning experience for every student, depending upon the learner’s potential and student need. Students can book from full Grade 6 English course to selected topics. Student has an easy access to quality teaching from the comfort of his/her home.  Xamnation online tuition fees have competitive pricing, and within budget range of parents in comparison to other service providers. Xamnation online classes for Class 6 covers live lectures, material, regular assessments and doubt support. Our tutors and AI engine track performance of every child in each assessment and progress in each lesson, and we accordingly customize our course so that each child get best support and best learning from us. Our tutors are supremely talented in capturing the strengths and weaknesses of the students. They are very approachable and a student would feel at home while discussing complex topics with his/her respective private tutor.

To explore more, contact our counselors for Grade 6 tuitions for English and other subjects. Enroll your child for a online tuition in Grade 6 English and help him/her learn all important concepts quickly and watch them flourish academically.

Students Testimonials

Great info that was clear and concise. It will surely help me improve my subject knowledge!
xamnation tuitions
I recommend the Xamnation learners to try this especially if you need to broaden your knowledge and new beginners.
xamnation coaching
"Shruti "
Detailed and useful course. Recommended
xamnation course

yes this course was a good match for me because i actually learned things i had no clue about.


Yes, you can book online sessions on English Grammar and Reading Comprehension topics. Your child will get online classes and sufficient practice on these topics.

You can book sessions on English Literature with our experts teachers.

You are advised to enroll in English speaking practice course by Xamnation. This course is specially designed keeping in mind vocabulary, comprehension, grammar need of a student. This will have online session and detailed practice sessions on English speaking.

You can book a session on Reading Comprehension. Our teachers will give you required tips for increasing focus, and how to deal with long passage.

You can pay online (Card payment, Netbanking, Wallet). We accept domestic and international payment. Contact our counsellors for more information on payment method. They will also guide you on which courses partial payments are applicable.

Course Price

  • One to one online tuition for Class 6 English
  • Small batches online coaching for Class 6 English
  • Contact us for customized or full course plan. Our counselors will be happy to guide you.

Class 6 English Syllabus

This is example of CBSE Class 6 syllabus. We also cover ICSE, IB, AP and state boards in our Grade 6 English tuitions.

Honeysuckle Poems- Class 6 English Syllabus

  • A House, A Home
  • The Kite
  • The Quarrel
  • Beauty
  • Where Do All The Teachers Go
  • The Wonderful Words
  • Vocation
  • What If

Honeysuckle Prose- CBSE Class 6 English Syllabus

  • Who Did Patrick’s Homework?
  • How The Dog Found Himself A New Master!
  • Taro’s Reward
  • An Indian-American Woman In Space
  • A Different Kind of School
  • Who Am I
  • Fair Play
  • A Game of Chance
  • Desert Animals
  • The Banyan Tree

A Pact With The Sun – 6th Class English Syllabus

  • A Tale of Two Birds
  • The Friendly Mongoose
  • The Shepherd’s Treasure
  • The Old-Clock Shop
  • Tansen
  • The Monkey And The Crocodile
  • The Wonder Called Sleep
  • A Pact With The Sun
  • What Happened To The Reptiles
  • A Strange Wrestling Match

CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 English Grammar

  • A Sentence
  • Parts of the Sentence
  • Nouns
  • The Noun – Numbers
  • Noun Genders
  • The Noun – Case
  • A Pronoun
  • The Adjective
  • Determiners
  • The Verb – Kinds of Verbs
  • Verbs and Their Forms
  • Verbs Finite, Non-finite Forms
  • Special Finite Verbs
  • Simple Tenses
  • Verbs – Continuous Tenses
  • Verbs – Perfect Tense
  • Verbs – Perfect Continuous Tense
  • Adverb
  • The Preposition
  • Conjunction
  • Interjection
  • Punctuation
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Vocabulary and Word Power
  • Notice
  • Summary Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Paragraph Writing
  • Essay Writing
  • Story Writing
  • Letter Writing

ICSE, IB, Karnataka state board, Maharashtra state board, Tamil Nadu state board, Kerala state board, AP state board Class 6 English tuitions available too.