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Top 20 GD and essay topics of 2021

GD(Group discussion) is part of selection process for IIMs and leading MBA colleges and also during campus placements. Similarly essay writing is very important part of selection in MBA admission and company placements.

Here in this article, we have shared top GD and essay topics for this year. This essay and GD topic list is compiled from commonly asked categories like Business, Economy, Finance, Science and Technology, Education etc.

List of top GD and essay topics of 2021

  1. E-governance is future
  2. Maximize opportunities in Agricultural and Rural section
  3. Data is new oil
  4. Dilemma of Privacy vs safety
  5. AI and future of workforce
  6. Are pandemics and new virus result of human’ encroachment into wildlife
  7. Climate change and sustenance of earth in future
  8. Rising FII and declining FDI- Is it good for India?
  9. Is inflation focused monetary policy a good choice for India?
  10. Direct cash transfer vs subsidies- Which one is good for India?
  11. Need for big infrastructure push in India
  12. Improving agriculture productivity in India
  13. Public sector banks are origin of Nonprofit Asset
  14. Regional trade blocs are the future
  15. India is a consumer driven market rather than producer driven
  16. Indian educational institutes producing unskilled workforce
  17. Online skill platforms and future of education
  18. Renewables are big part of energy security
  19. Crypto currency is future of money
  20. Hyper globalism is threat to human prosperity

Tips for cracking GD and essay writing

  • First of all, make a habit of reading newspaper daily, and be in touch with latest current affairs.
  • Important sections to cover in newspaper are: Editorial section, Op-Ed section, Technology section, Business and Economy, Science and Technology.
  • Important newspapers to follow are Hindu, Indian Express, Economics Times, Mint, etc. Follow only one newspaper.
  • Do a dress rehearsal for group discussion. You can form a group among your friends, and practice. Make sure there is a moderator, who can evaluate you at the end, and give feedback.
  • In Group discussion, it is important to start discussion, rather than speaking individual points. So, take good points from your panel, and build a discussion on that.
  • In the end, summarize important points that were discussed in the GD.

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