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We have shared detailed Adobe interview process in our previous article. In this article, we will share some of the Adobe interview questions that were asked in different technical interviews at Adobe. These questions are compiled based on interviews of candidates who have appeared in Adobe interview process recently.

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Adobe interview questions

Coding:Given numbers l, r and n, find the number of ways to construct an array of size n, where each element of array is from l to r and every element from 2nd to last is coprime with the 1st element. 0<=l<=r<=10e5, 1<=n<=100.

Data Structure: Implement binary search question (write a pseudo code).

Brain teaser:Given a traffic light which has only 2 types of lights: green and red. It is given that Green light is ON for 15 secs Red light is ON for 45 secs, then what will be the expected waiting time.

Coding: Find the median of running stream of numbers.

Data structure: Implement LRU caching technique

Data structure/Algorithm: Find k smallest numbers in coming stream of integers

Data structure/Algorithm: detect loop in a linked list. Use standard tortoise-hair algorithm.

Coding: Given an integer array, consisting of positive and negative values, find the contiguous subarray start and end indices which contain the max sum.

Data Structure: Print level order traversal of a tree with each level printing in a new line.

Coding: Given some strings, find the order in which characters are appearing

Data Structure: Reverse a linked list

Do you know: More than 50% of Adobe interview questions are from Data Structure

Programming: Explain virtual functions, explain volatile keyword, code iterator of a class, code singleton class, inheritance types and examples, explain copy constructor, explain semaphores, explain constructor initializer list

Data Structure: Reverse a linked list in sets of k elements

Data Structure: You have integers stored in 1 GB of disk space. and you have to sort it using 100 MB of RAM. how will you do it?

Coding: C++ related questions related to process memory area, static variables, normal functions and virtual functions difference,

Data Structure: you have an infinite set of integers, how will search an element in it with minimum time-space complexity.

Mathematics:Questions on Matrices, Probability, Eigen Values, etc.

Coding: A sorted array is given whose elements represent the number of people the umbrella at that index can cover, and a certain number of people is provided. Find the minimum number of umbrellas required to exactly cover the given people, else if not possible, return -1. Dynamic Programming provides the optimal solution for this. (The score is based on the number of test-cases passed)

Coding: Print a matrix in spiral order.

Creative-Essay question: What do you understand by IoT and what are the possible future-technologies related to it that may come into existence?

Programming concept:Define a class that cannot be inherited multiple times and can be instantiated only once.

Data Structure:Make a tree-like structure where every level has i nodes where i is the level number and right link of the 1st node and left link of the 2nd node in a layer points to the same node. (Mesh like structure)

Coding: Find the k largest(or smallest) elements in an array

Data Structure:Given a dictionary of words and two words A and B, find the minimum path required to convert A to B. Only one character can be changed at a time while going from A to B and every word thus formed must be a valid dictionary word.Example:

If dictionary = {cat, “rat”, “hat”, “sag”, “bag”, “bug”, “dog”, “hog”, “hot”, “dot”, “rot, “lot”, “log”, “cry”, “pry”, “fry”, “fat”, “fog”, “pot”, “fat”}

A = “cat”,

B = “dog”,

then shortest path from A to B should be printed as: cat->hat->hot->dot->dog

Coding:Implement 1-D array dynamically

Coding: Implement 2-D array dynamically using a single pointer

Coding:implement 2-D array dynamically using a double pointer

Coding:Implement memcpy

Coding:Implement strcmp

Coding:Print 2-D array in spiral form

Aptitude:Given a road of width w and length l. There are perfect circular potholes on the road. You are given the radius and center of each pothole. You need to find out whether you can cross the road or not.

Design: Design an elevator Write an algorithm to assign an elevator to a user.

Data Structure: Implement a binary search tree in a given 100 bytes of memory. How will you handle the internal fragmentation in the provided memory area for the solution to the question? Internal fragmentation will occur after the deletion of nodes

Coding: Convert a series of strings to their integer form

Coding: Find the pair in Array of integers that sum upto ‘x’

Data Structure:What is the running time for insertion, deletion, extracting min from a MinHeap?

Data Structure:What is the running time for insertion, deletion and searching an element in a sorted array and the same for an unsorted array?

Mathematics:How would you determine if a coin is biased or not? Does the degree of biasing affect the number of experiments you have to perform?

Coding: Given a number as string, convert every character of the string to it’s equivalent digit and store it in applicable data type.

Do you know: Data structures interview is standard interview practice in leading technology companies. Check list of 100 most important data structure interview questions.

End note

We will come up with more Adobe interview questions on Data Structure and Coding in our next article. Stay tune and subscribe to our website for latest updates.

As you can see, most of the questions that Adobe asked in its technical rounds is from Data Structure and Coding. Make sure to brush through programming concepts like OOPS, error handling, basic syntax of Python/Java/C++. Make sure to revise your data structure and algorithms notes before Adobe technical interview.

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