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Infosys Technical round questions

In this article, we will cover technical round questions which Infosys ask during its Technical interview round.

As you know, Infosys interview process is divided into 3 phases

  1. Written test
  2. Technical interview round
  3. HR interview round

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Technical interview round is most important round, as it test your technical skills and will decide whether you are suitable for the company or not. Clearing technical round means 90% of the work is complete, and you need to face only HR interview round next.

Questions asked during Infosys technical round

Questions are asked from following areas.

  1. Programming languages. For freshers, you are asked questions from Java, C, C++ and Python. For experienced professionals, questions will be asked based on the profile of candidate as well as company requirement.
  2. Concepts from Database, QA and Data Structure
  3. Basic concepts of computers, hardware and Operating systems

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Sample technical interview questions for Infosys

  1. What is polymorphism?
  2. Explain the functionality of linked list.
  3. What is normalization of databases, joins, and keys?
  4. What is inheritance?
  5. What are the different types of inheritance?
  6. Demonstrate the process of inheriting variable of one class to other class?
  7. What are the loops statements?
  8. Difference between classes and interface?
  9. What is software development life-cycle? Also, explain the waterfall model.
  10. What are the four basic principles of OOPS?
  11. What are the conditional statements?
  12. What is Database Management System?
  13. List different advantages of DBMS.
  14. What do you mean by Object-Relational DBMS?
  15. What is database Schema?
  16. What is an IC? What is its importance?
  17. Write a program to check whether the input number is a perfect number or not.
  18. Tell me something about DSN?
  19. What is the difference between a Clustered-index and a non-clustered-index?
  20. Difference between C & embedded C.
  21. What is a pointer in C? What is its use?
  22. Different between a session and a socket?
  23. What is a null pointer?


As you can see, questions are asked from multiple areas. You need to revise your Computer Science subjects again before appearing for Infosys Interview process.

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