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Report on globalisation effect on India

Globalization is a phenomenon which has invited large scale urbanization and development, but its implementation through internal investments have been biased.

Biasness concerning urban and rural India –

Growth has been uneven part liberation of 1991

  • Rural-urban income divide is varying at 21%.
  • The rural-urban divide in digitization has been around 58%.
  1. Urbanization has been made uneven. For its growth of traditional urban centres have to favourable channels of inevitability (FDI).
  2. Opportunities have been daggered on the urban-rural basis.
  3. Growth of global value channels has been predominantly urban.
  4. Service sector growth has been noticeable wears urban centres, thus creating shrewdness to employability.
  5. Social changes such a rural-urban migration transfer of new materials from eastern India states to the commercial centre of the west and its economic fallouts are have noticeable.
  6. Cultural changes such as consumerism growth of nuclear family have detonated rural way of line and traditional value.

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Remarks –

  1. Trends such as rural migration have assured knowledge transfer across rural India.
  1.  Blelfancism has been made named by PPP interventions by an adult of global NGO.
  2. Human capital augmentation has been largest especially across rural India through :
  3. Educational migration
  4. Dual learning mode of vocational training through global chains
  5. Admit of globalized digital entrepaneral platform have lately ensured greater and productivity. eg- admit of ranking correspondents by global MNCs through common services centres.
  6. Urbanization has created personnel and satellite cities, thus developing rural peripherals.
  7. Logistical connectivity as a process of measuring the case of doing business towards attracting FDI has developed rural India holistically.

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