Group Discussion Practice for Placements and MBA Admissions

This course will cover Group Discussion(GD) preparation tips along with mock GD practice for each candidate.

3500+ Students


Group Discussion is important tool for selecting students during MBA Admissions process as well as companies placement process. In Group Discussion (or GD), candidate participates in a close group discussion. Topic is given to group by moderator, and whole group need to share their views on this topic. Performance is measured by candidate’ opinions as well his participation in other people opinions. Group discussion is often a tricky process for lots of students. Lots of students couldn’t qualify as they speaks too little or too much or couldn’t articulate thoughts correctly. In this Group Discussion course for placements and MBA admissions, we will help you in preparing for real group discussions. We will be sharing you required tips and tricks to crack the GD process. We will also be conducting mock group discussion (gd) along with other students, so that you can participate in real scenarios.

Course Requirement

  • Good internet connection
  • Formal suiting during mock GD
  • Pen and Paper to take points during mock GD

Course Structure

  • How to select your clothings and other personal things?
  • How to sit properly and make yourself ready?
  • How to start the group discussion, when you first to discuss?
  • How to start the discussion, when you are not the first to discuss?
  • How to note and make points of the discussion?
  • How to summarize the discussion and finish it.
  • 3 Mock Group Discussion (GD)

Students Testimonials

Great info that was clear and concise. It will surely help me improve my career prospects!
"Rahul Sharma "
Each section describes a guide on how to write an ultimate resume. I recommend the udemy learners to try this especially if you need to broaden your knowledge and new beginners.
"Shruti "
Detailed and useful course. Recommended

yes this course was a good match for me because i actually learned things i had no clue about which will help me later and to also teach others.
"Vivek Mehta"


This is online Group Discussion preparation course. We will be sharing video material on how to prepare for different scenarios, and will be conducting mock GD in this course.

We will be sharing details on the tools/softwares once you enroll with us.

Yes. Each student will be getting personal feedback, and tips for improvement after every mock GD.

Duration of this course is 2 weeks.

Experience industry professionals will be conducting mock GD. Topics will be chosen on the most related topics in GD currently.

Full Course

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