Learn about the importance of group discussions in selection process.

Course Description

Group Discussion is an important tool in the selection process. It is mostly used for selecting candidates for management posts. Here, the candidates are divided into small groups.

  • Each group contains six to eight candidates. Each group is given a topic for discussion.
  • They are also given a time limit for discussing this topic. The topic may be a general or current topic.
    For e.g. “Leaders are born, not made”. Each participant has to give his or her views about this topic.
  • The selectors observe the full discussion. After the time limit is over, the best candidate from the group is selected.

Three requisites for any general group discussion:

1. Extensive knowledge base related to state, country and globe.

2. Areas are politics, sports, science &trade commerce, Industry and Technology, MNC, etc.

3. Analyze the social, economic issues logistically.

Benefits of group discussion:

1. Your true personality is revealed and qualities of leadership crystallize.

2. Evaluation parameters

3. Language skills

4. Academic knowledge

5. Leadership skills

6. People handling skills

7. Team work

8. General knowledge

Benefits of online course:

1. High Quality Content

2. Learn Anywhere Anytime & at Your Pace

3. 24X7 Customer Support

4. Complete Student Support Throughout The Program

5. Online Video Training Material

6 Lifetime course access

7. Course Completion Certificate

Section 1: Introduction to Group Discussion

1                   Definition of group discussion

2                   Importance of group discussion

Section 2: Skills & Guidelines for Group Discussion

4                   Skills of group discussion

5                   Continuation of Skills of group discussion

6                   Guidelines for group discussion

Section 3: Tips for successful Group Discussion

7                   Team player of group discussion

8                   Successful Group Discussion

9                   Awareness in group discussion

Section 4: Do’s & Don’t’s of Group Discussion

10                Equal Opportunities in group discussion

11                Do’s of group discussion

12                Dont’s of group discussion

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