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Report on development of North-East of India

Northeast India although blessed with one of the best scenic beauties, water resources and Himalayan ecosystem including pleasant climate, yet this remained underdeveloped for longer.

Issues of North East-

  • Different geographical terrain.
  • Poor connectivity to maintained and neighbouring SEASON am unities.
  • Meagre population density and huge investments lead to stress with to capital-output ratio.
  • Migration issues like Bangladeshi in Assam, ore’s from Tripura creating a regional divide.
  • Poor access to facilities of education, jobs, hospitals, etc.
  • Absence of political will.
  • Conflict of Tribal issues with developmental projects.
  • Influence of militant spy-like MSCN (JM) and Kalong and the growing influence of China over Arunachal, Myanmar (Rohingya infiltration).

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Importance of Infrastructure –

  • Connectivity – Scheme like UDAN with cheap air travels and incentives in underdeveloped Tier ii Tier iii cities will boost economy response in disasters. Bo gibed bridge has decreased reads to NE and also pored way for easy defence mobility.
  • Employment issues – Good connectivity will also include improved investment in NE by foreign and national corporates, improved economy and job creation would also boost tourism.
  • Gateway to South East Asia – Trilateral high way link between Thailand and Myanmar and India would act as the gateway to SE ASIA in alignment

To India as “Act Asia Poverty “ as well as “ Neighborhood First “ thing bilateral ties, trade and socioeconomic exchange.

History has Witnessed the fact that “economist travel on infrastructure. While people travel on roods “. Hence, it’s important to gradually align NE with the mainland by India’s Act East policy as infrastructure development.

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