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Report on poor state of Indian education system

India ha the most productive demographic globally. Along with its, RT, RUSA and other such policies have enabled conductive arrangement.

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But governess students need to change. Issues regarding the same:

There singde reputation of technical higher educational institutions.

  • Polarization of profit motif centres along with the technical and medical institution.
  • Use in the privatization of engineering colleges.
  • Less regulation towards accreditation by quality chimed of India towards private IIIs.

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Rising internal governance issues along :

  • Administrative management
  • Menace generation
  • Internal affluence — role of stated towards ensuring internal autonomy in areas of revenue management and administrative management has been a growing issue.

Cases of our regulation as well as under regulation by VGC has been observable.

Internal autonomy regarding fund utilization, developing urbanization hiring foreign teachers have been limited due to requisite state laws.

What kind to be done :

  • Lately, the regulatory overhaul of use with NEFA has been welcoming.

Thusoptimal regulatory mechanism enabled by public transparency, decimal accountability should be implemented in pen and paper.

  • WIRF ranking needs to be made non-dynamic by providing more institution. The benefit of institutions of eminence bond on the outcomes of these rankings.
  • Technical management needs to be made dynamic including :
  • Under provisions for CSR forward higher education.
  • The capitalisation of internal research through an investor enabled research platform under Reserve Bank.

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      Way ahead :

  • Continuous learning module as initiated under RUSX can enable should enhancement and limit dropouts.
  • Vocational education needs to made integral of general education under the recommendation of Raviqrajan committee with service sector component from the present 60% of teachers.


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