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Duration: 2 months

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About Course

Product Management course will help you understand the essentials of software product department. Software product management field has evolved very fast over the past years due to rapid internet penetration and successful internet companies. In this course, you will learn about how to conceptualize a product, how to use mockups and wireframe to give your idea a shape, how to write product requirement docs which will be followed by other teams, what are the key things required to launch a product, how to track performance of product. 

Course Requirement

  • Good internet connection

Course Structure

  • Product Management basic
  • Need for Product Management
  • Understanding what will sell
  • Why do people need your product
  • Customer and competitor tracking
  • How to decide on key metrics of your product and business
  • Is your product sync with your business
  • Prioritizing Product features 
  • Writing product requirement and use cases
  • Creating product flow using flowchart, wireframes and mockups
  • Tech sprints and scrum process
  • Internal test, Best launch and full launch
  • Post launch scenario
  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Key metrics we are tracking
  • Expected vs Actual gap
  • Use data to prioritize 

Students Testimonials

Great info that was clear and concise. It will surely help me improve my career prospects!
"Rahul Sharma "
I recommend the Xamnation learners to try this especially if you need to broaden your knowledge and new beginners.
"Shruti "
Detailed and useful course. Recommended

yes this course was a good match for me because i actually learned things i had no clue about which will help me later and to also teach others.
"Vivek Mehta"


In this course, we have covered all important concepts in Product Management, their applications and projects. This course is enough to get you a job as entry/mid level product position. 

 This course is designed by leading professionals from online companies. All the teachers are experienced professionals with average experience of 7 years handling different functions in product management.

This course will contains pre recorded study material like videos and study notes. This will also contains practice assignments and a complete project where we will assist you in working on real assignments.

Our Product Management course contains complete coverage of all product functions including product development, analytics and many more. You will get an overview on complete product process. This course is sufficient for entry level professionals or students who want to make their career in product management. You can inform us that you only want product development, so that we can customized the course for you.

In this course, we will help you build projects solving real world problems using latest tech advancement.