Group discussion preparation

In this article, we will share you tips and tricks for preparation for Job placements and MBA admissions like CAT, XAT, MAT etc. This article will help you crack final round of GDPI for company placements and MBA admissions.

How to prepare for Group discussion

Why is GD round important

For any MBA admissions or company placement, there are following rounds of screening

  1. Testing analytical skills or technical skills- this is done via entrance exams like CAT in MBA admission, and written technical round in company placement
  2. GD round – To check candidate problem solving and group behavior abilities
  3. Interview round – To confirm candidate technical and soft skills, and see if he/she can handle the work requirement or not

We will be covering GD preparation for MBA admissions and company placements in this article.

You can check this GD topics for MBA admissions and GD topics for Company Placements

Preparation tips for group discussion

Group discussion is an important round, and it is also most feared round by candidates. GD round check following interpersonal skills which are important during MBA years and during business life:

  • group coordination
  • quick thinking
  • holistic overview of any topic
  • coming to a logical conclusion

Do and don’t in group discussion

Don’t do these things in group discussion

  • Speaking too much
  • Speaking too little
  • Cutting short other points too much
  • Shouting

Lots of candidate thinks GD round as competition of who raise voice most, which is bad GD practice. Speaking too much , speaking too little and frequently cutting short other candidate are seen as negative points in GD.

Things to do if you are in group discussion (GD)

  • Start a GD
  • Conclude the GD
  • Build on other’ point
  • Correct other’ point if they are going off track

Building on points spoken by other candidates is seen as positive points in GD. Similarly initiating the GD or summarizing the GD show that you are ready for taking initiative and giving a final conclusion to the problem.

Tips to start a Group discussion

Once you are given a topic, you are given 1 mins time to analyze this, and start a discussion.

If you have heard about GD topics, then you can list down on recent happening, list recent updates and facts. Try to do holistic overview of the GD topics and list down different angles of the topic.

If you are hearing GD topics for the first time, then it is advisable not to start the GD unless asked for. You can list down topics related to the given topic, and come up with some points.

Tips to conclude a Group discussion

During the GD, make sure that you are noting down key points spoken by other candidates. If you are making a conclusion, follow this template

  • Make an introduction of the topic (10-15 sec)
  • Speak about points spoken by different candidates. Keep in mind different aspect of problem and points covered for each part by candidate(1-2 mins)
  • Suggesting an end result, keeping in mind importance of different points and their final impact (10-15 sec)

Remember, don’t be greedy and speak about your own points only. This is a sure shot way of getting rejected in the GD round. Acknowledge other candidate points and then make a conclusion

What to wear in group discussion round

Candidates are expected to be in formal attire in group discussion round. Male candidate can have blazer or formal shirt, based on their comfort. Female candidate can have formal business suiting or Saree.


In this article, we have covered important points in GD round for any company placement round or MBA admission round.

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