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GD topics for MBA admissions

In this article, we will provide you most popular Group Discussion (GD) topics. This list has been created by our expert panel consisting of IIM graduates, and recent toppers in CAT exam. MBA aspirants for IIM, ISB, FMS, and other MBA colleges can use these topics for their MBA GDPI preparation.

Most probable GD topics for MBA and CAT admissions

  1. Robotics and automation- Boon or bane?
  2. India achieving carbon neutrality by 2050
  3. Is it time to adopt crypto currency by government?
  4. Electric or bio fuel  – Automobile for the future
  5. Work life balance – Luxury or necessity?
  6. Is following inflation focused policy a good choice by RBI
  7. Changing Education landscape- Do we need colleges and university campuses in future
  8. India problem with Non-Performing asset
  9. Are UN and WTO still valid today
  10. Privacy or security

Contact us to know more group discussion topics for MBA admission and job interviews

GDPI preparation strategy for MBA admissions

GDPI (Group discussion and personal interviews) is final stage of screening for the admission into IIM and other Business Schools. In some schools there is additional test of WAT (written ability test – essay writing) .So candidate need to follow focused strategy for their GDPI preparation.

GD tips and preparation strategy

Remember Group discussion (GD) is about discussing on a topic as a group, and coming to a logical conclusion after 10-15 minutes of discussion. Many students tend to make lots of noise with excessive shouting, some students face problem due to being introvert and start avoiding discussion. Now, both shouting and speaking too little is bad thing to do in a group discussion.

In a group discussion, you are expected to

  • Do a proper investigation of topic
  • Discuss on various aspects
  • Build on other points
  • Correct other points if needed
  • Come to a logical conclusion.

In a group discussion test, there are three stages which a candidate needs to be familiar of

  • Introduction of the topic– This is at the start of the group discussion, where panel ask each one of the participant to share their point for one minute on the topic. Objective of the part is to check candidate preparedness, and how to check communication and presentation skills
  • Discussion– This is when all participants involves in discussion. Here, those candidate who are building up on other candidate points or presenting a new angle to the discussion are noted most
  • Conclusion and Summary– This is when at the end candidate are asked to present a summary. Candidate need to summarize discussion, highlighting various pros and cons, or various viewpoints, and at the end give a concluding answer on possible solution or way ahead to the topic

You are advised to do thorough GD mock practice by preparing your points on most common topics, and be ready on approaching topics which are new to you.

Interview preparation strategy

In an interview, you are expected to be aware of the things that are going in world. You will be asked questions based on

  1. Your Education like subject you studied during graduation
  2. Your work experience like things related to job or industry
  3. Questions on current affairs and GK

You are advised to do a thorough practice of interviews

WAT preparation strategy for MBA and CAT

Check Tips for WAT preparation and recent WAT topics for CAT and MBA exams. Candidates are advised to do thorough practice on recent topics.


In this article on popular GD topics for MBA, we have shared list of probable topics for group discussion and also shared preparation strategy for GDPI for MBA exams. Candidate can use same strategy and also contact us if they are preparing GDPI for job interview.

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