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About Deloitte

Deloitte is leading global company in accounting and consulting, having presence in 100+ offices throughout the globe. Deloitte has 5 main business areas working in different industries.

  1. Audit & Assurance
  2. Consulting
  3. Financial Advisory
  4. Risk Advisory
  5. Tax & Legal

We will be covering technical round interview in this, and will be sharing past interview questions as well as how to prepare for Deloitte technical interview round in this article. This article mainly focuses on software profiles, and detailed process of other profiles like accounting, finance etc will be shared in another article.

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Syllabus of Deloitte technical interview round

Basic Programming Concepts

  • Data Types
  • Iteration, Recursion, Decision
  • Procedure, functions, and scope
  • Arrays, List, Maps
  • Data Base concepts

Data Structure Concept

  • Linked List
  • Stacks, Queues
  • Hash Tables
  • Heaps
  • Binary Trees, Binary Search Trees
  • Searching and Sorting Techniques
  • Graphs

Object Oriented Programming concepts

  • Class, Object
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation


Networking Concepts

Data Science basics

Previously asked technical questions in Deloitte interview

SQL Questions

  • A table was given with columns like {EMPID, EMPNAME, DEPTID, SAL}, they will ask you to find the 6th highest salary receiver department wise. Implement using SQL.
  • How can a deadlock occur?
  • How can you break a deadlock
  • Scenario: A patient wants to schedule an appointment with a doctor on a particular time. Eg: hospital–>department–>doctors–>patient.
  1. How the tables looks like and its relation?
  2. How the class hierarchy will be and its relation?

Programming Language

  • There is a REST service which can consume data only with double quotes(“”), now there is another REST service provider which is not wrapping the numbers into quotes, and sending it. You need to wrap the numbers into quotes before sending it to the recipient service.
  • What do you mean by multi threading in JAVA?
  • What is volatile keyword?
  • Name an feature in J2EE, which you like.
  • How can you create threads in JAVA and all other Thread method details.
  • OOPS concepts.
  • What is a semaphore in OS?
  • between trigger and stored procedure?
  • What is back propogation?
  • What are similarities between array list and vector?
  • Difference between ArrayList and Vectors?
  • Write a program on “How to count the occurrence of a given character in a String?” in your favorite language.
  • Write a program on “How to check if two String are Anagram?”
  • Why String is final in Java?
  • Polymorphism
  • Function Overloading
  • Friend Function
  • Tell us about abstration and inheritance?
  • Difference between c and c++
  • Write java program to iterate and find unique words and its count
  • Agile scrum model
  • Questions from Spring Boot
  • Design patterns – Factory vs Abstract Factory
  • Spring Dependency Injection- Setter vs Constructor injection and which is better
  • Program or logic to find the count of a pattern in a circular linked list

Data Structure

  • Name and explain different types of sorting.
  • Difference between ArrayList and Vectors and LinkedList, etc.
  • How do you find the sum of two linked lists using Stack?

Networking (for networking engineer profile)

  • Computer Networking Concepts and Cyber Security
  • IPv6 vs IPv4 addressing
  • Sub-netting
  • OSI/TCP model difference
  • What is the difference between a straight-through and crossover cable?
  • Explain clustering support
  • What is the difference between CSMA/CD and CSMA/CA?
  • What is SMTP?
  • What do mean by tunnel mode?
  • What is the role of IEEE in computer networking?
  • Enumerate OSI layers
  • What is session layer
  • Protocol used in session layer

Data Science (for data profiles)

  • Difference between OLS and MLE.
  • Different metrics used for estimating the size of weights.
  • Series of steps for dimensionality reduction. I answered the same as before. But then he asked me to come up with a completely different approach for this. I said plotting graphs on artificial Neural networks, how do we find weights, why do we add bias.
  • Is hard-limit function of perceptron, implementable, why ? why not?
  • What is the benefit of using a sigmoid function for hard-limit function
  • Why don’t we use a piecewise slant line if we want to adjust threshold, why use a sigmoid?
  • Derive the weights of simple linear regression using one variable only
  • What was the main problem with this data set and how did we overcome it? Like Dimensionality reduction
  • Given a data set where all the data points look negatively correlated, but actually are sets of points from different sources, which are positively correlated. How do you account for this?
  • On IID assumption of regression, how to bring stationarity in time series in random tree forest
  • What other ways to bring stationarity?

Tips for cracking Deloitte Technical Interviews

  • Brush through your graduation subjects, especially those taught during first and second year.
  • Make sure that whatever technical skills you are mentioning in your resume, you have full confidence on that.
  • Make sure you bring your Updated Resume to the Interview. It is important to know that the interviewers will ask you questions about what you’ve written there. So, be prepared about every point inside your resume and most importantly about your final year project.
  • Dress appropriately. Never go overdressed or underdressed. Choose moderate colors.
  • Don’t be nervous. An interview is not an interrogation but rather a business talk between two parties. So, be confident.
  • If in case you don’t know the answer, politely tell the interview on this. It is better to skip questions that give wrong answer.

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End note

In this article, we have shared detailed strategy to prepare for technical interview rounds in Deloitte recruitment process.

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