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Deloitte career

Deloitte recruitment process

About Deloitte

Deloitte is leading accounting organization and one of the biggest professional services network in work, in term of number of employees and revenue. Deloitte is also one of the big four accounting company in world (Big four accounting firms are Deloitte, KPMG, PwC, Ernest and Young).

Deloitte interview process

Deloitte has 5 business areas

  1. Audit & Assurance
  2. Consulting
  3. Financial Advisory
  4. Risk Advisory
  5. Tax & Legal

As of 2019, there are 106,000+ Deloitte people working in 105 cities throughout globe.

Deloitte hiring tips

How to crack deloitte interview

Deloitte interview preparation

Deloitte recruitment process for freshers

Deloitte has emerged as biggest employer in India in recent years. It hires experienced as well as freshers for different profiles in India as well as foreign offices. In India, Deloitte main office is in Hyderabad, though its offices are located in all metro cities in India.

Freshers are hired and offered compensation on basis of their education qualification. Deloitte has divided colleges in India into 3 tiers. Tier 1, 2 and 3.

Campus classification by Deloitte

  • Tier 1 campus – IITs, IIMs, ISB and other premier institutions
  • Tier 2 campus – Central/State level prominent universities/colleges like DU, JNTU, Anna University
  • Tier 3 campus – Other top public/private universities/colleges (on basis of NIRF ranking)

Tier 1 campus graduates are offered INR 15 lacs pa, Tier 2 campus graduates are offered  INR 7 lacs pa and Tier 3 campus graduates are offered INR 4.5 lacs pa.

Key roles offered to freshers by Deloitte

Business Technology Analyst

Qualification: Bachelor Technology/ Engineering (B.Tech/BE), (M Tech/ME), Master Computer Application

Average CTC- INR 6.5 lac pa

Job responsibilities

  • Support the key business units with technology skills
  • Provide IT Solutions like Coding / Testing / Maintenance Work
  • Suggest practical solutions and align with clients to implement the solutions

System Engineer

Eligibility: M.Tech (CS/IT) (60% or 6.5 GPA and above throughout without any running backlogs)

Package: INR 6.5-8 lac pa

Key responsibility

  • Designing, building, Unit Testing and documenting applications using Microsoft platform and other technologies including but not limited to C#, ASP.NET SharePoint, SQL Server, Azure, QlikView, and Business Intelligence.
  • Working with Senior Software Engineers, Architects, Delivery Managers and Business Analysts to clearly define and understand business requirements

Business Solution Analyst

Qualification: M.Tech (CS/IT) (60% or 6.5 GPA and above throughout without any running backlogs)

Compensation: INR 6.5-8 lac pa


  • Build requirements from ground up or enhance existing requirements by documenting Epics and user stories.
  • Be the bridge between the customer and delivery team
  • Create new test packages (Test Design, Execution Plan and Data Preparations)

Eligibility criteria for fresher recruitment by Deloitte

Deloitte strictly follow following education criteria for all types of fresher hiring.

  • 60 percent or above in B.Tech, Class X and XII.
  • No backlogs at the time of interview
  • For more specialized post, Deloitte will pick freshers from a certain graduation like CA are preferred in accounting role, MBA are preferred in consulting role, and MTech/Btech/MCA in technology/engineering role.
  • In fresh Btech hiring, Deloitte mainly hires from CS/IT/ECE department, although exceptionally talented students from other stream can also apply.

Deloitte Hiring Process for freshers

Deloitte’s Recruitment Process for freshers consists of 3 rounds, namely:

Round 1: Deloitte Aptitude Test

Round 2: Group Discussion/Jam Session

Round 3: Deloitte Interview Process

Deloitte aptitude test

This is an online round (online test will be taken using AMCAT or Cocubes or similar platforms)

The online round consists mainly of four sections namely, General Aptitude, logical reasoning, and verbal ability sections.

Section 1:

Total question: 25 questions

Time given: 35 minutes

Cut off: 20 question (approx.)

Syllabus of Deloitte aptitude test

  • Number Systems
  • Averages
  • Percentage
  • Simple Interest & Compound Interest
  • Time, Speed & Distance
  • Geometry
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Logarithms
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Probability
  • Permutation & Combination
  • Time and Work
  • Mixture and Alligation
  • Clock and Calendar
  • Missing pattern/number

Section 2:

Total question: 25 questions from logical reasoning

Time given: 35 minutes

Cut off: 18-20 question (approx.)

Syllabus of Deloitte logical reasoning test

  • Objective Reasoning
  • Pattern recognition
  • Data sufficiency
  • Blood Relation
  • Coding deductive logic
  • Number series pattern recognition
  • Logical word sequence
  • Data sufficiency
  • Data Interpretation
  • Puzzles

Section 3

Total question: 25 questions from logical reasoning

Time given: 25 minutes

Cut off: 20-21 question (approx.)

Syllabus of Deloitte verbal ability test

  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms
  • Contextual Vocabulary
  • Error Identification
  • Sentence Correction
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Subject-Verb agreement
  • Tenses and Articles
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Preposition & Conjunction
  • Paragraph completion

Please note that Deloitte Online Test does not have any negative marking. There is also a Computer Programming test which is held Off-Campus.

Computer Programming test of Deloitte

Total question: 25

Cut off: 20 marks


Basic Programming Concepts

  • Data Types
  • Iteration, Recursion, Decision
  • Procedure, functions, and scope
  • Arrays, List, Maps
  • Data Base concepts

Data Structure Concept

  • Linked List
  • Stacks, Queues
  • Hash Tables
  • Heaps
  • Binary Trees, Binary Search Trees
  • Searching and Sorting Techniques
  • Graphs

Object Oriented Programming concepts

  • Class, Object
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation

Round 2: Group Discussion/Just a minute session

The student who clears the previous rounds is called for a GD or JAM. This round is mainly to check your communication and presentation skills. Deloitte will offer a case study of any problem faced by the organization.

Time allotted

Reading the Deloitte case: 5 mins

Discussing the Deloitte case: 15 mins

Important points to be followed during Group discussion in Deloitte Interview

  • Your communication is utmost important. It is not how loud your shout, but what important point you are presenting in the case which is overlooked yet
  • Group discussion round is not shouting round. You need to take the point of other participant, and build on that to come to the conclusion. Give chance to everyone and wait for your turn. As soon as another candidate is finished, put your points.
  • Be very clear and fluent. Do not present fictitious arguments which are not related to the topic/case given.
  • Understand the requirement of case first. Often in a case, a scenario is given where a given company is facing problem/issue due to some reason mentioned directly or indirectly in case. You need to identify root cause of the problem and then need to present your point.
  • Don’t interrupt anyone.
  • Group discussions are meant to be discussion among participant. You do not need to address moderator. Even you can forget that there is anyone called moderator in the room.

Sample case studies of Deloitte

Topic: A company XYZ which is an internet shopping website is facing problem in converting its no. views into its sales, i.e. the no. of visits to the webpage is completely out of proportion to the sales of the company.


1) What might be the possible reason for this to happen?

2) Any measure which can be used as a remedy to these problems?

3) How does your benchmark company strategize itself in keeping up to the top position?

4) What would be your solutions to out -through it?


Previously asked GD topics at Deloitte

  • Aadhar Mandate: Whether Good Or Bad
  • Marketing strategy of Jio
  • Right to Privacy
  • Demonetization
  • Case study of a faulty ERP system in which multiple fake transactions were directed towards a particular vendor
  • Case study in which a company had to design a information system and for that how the procedure will work out was to be discussed.

Versant test round at Deloitte

Deloitte can take additional round of testing to check your language proficiency. This is basically English language proficiency round, and it will be on pattern of Toefl/Ielts exams. Language skills like Reading, Speaking, Writing, and Listening will be tested. This test is especially done in profiles which involved direct interactions with foreign people.

Test is called Versant test or SVAR test. SVAR is an automated English proficiency assessment tool.

Deloitte Interview Process

Once you are through with written test and GD/Case study round, it is time for final round which is Face to face interview round. This is most important part of the whole selection process. This round is divided into multiple technical rounds and one HR round. Make sure you are carrying your copy of resume in this round.

Technical interview round at Deloitte

During this round, based upon candidate profile, multiple rounds of face to face interviews are conducted with senior people working in Deloitte.

Stages of technical round of interviews

Manager (Stage 1) – This will be toughest stage. You will be asked questions based on latest technology/software based on your profile. You will be grilled on programming skills or finance/accounting knowledge based on the profile.

Senior Manager (Stage 2) – This stage will be more of resume based round. More questions will be asked on your past projects/work experience/internships- like problem statement, what you achieved, what was the impact etc. Make sure whatever you write on resume is best to your knowledge and you can answer satisfactorily on any question asked.

Director (Stage 3)- This stage will be more of behavioral round and checking whether you fit well in the current role or not. You will be hardly asked any technical questions or question requiring long discussion. You will be mostly judge based on your clarity of your thoughts and your enthusiasm.

For technical profile, questions will be asked based on basic programming, Data Structure, Puzzles, Networking, Algorithms, SQL etc. Make sure that you have good practice of all basics before the interview rounds.

See more: Deloitte technical interview round questions

HR interview round at Deloitte

HR interview round is final round in Deloitte selection process. Objective of this round is to check the employee fit with company culture and finalize compensation and other formal requirements. Often candidate take this round casually, due to exhaustion of previous technical round, but candidate need to be utmost serious and careful in this round.

Most common HR interview questions

  1. Why Deloitte?
  2. Tell something about Yourself.
  3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  4. Are you comfortable working for long hours/night shift?
  5. Are you comfortable with any location that Deloitte sends you to?

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Deloitte Recruitment Policies

There need to be gap of atleast 6 months for starting the process with same candidate. This mean if candidate has attended interview in last 6 months with Deloitte, he/she is not eligible.

However, candidate is eligible, if he/she has not completed the whole process, which mean he/she has skipped any interview or any process in between for genuine reasons.

Deloitte will not consider its ex-employees who have been sacked/ terminated before.

Mistakes to avoid during Deloitte Interview Process

These are some mistakes that you must avoid while answering Deloitte Interview Questions.

  • Making a weakness seem positive: When asked, “What are your weaknesses?” the panel doesn’t want to focus on your weakness but rather on what you are doing to enhance it as this will tell them more about you and how you handle this question.
  • Not knowing yourself: Your greatest mistake will be if you have researched the company thoroughly but not about yourself as a person. Get the panel interested by talking about your academic and professional achievements and why you think you are a right fit for the company.

Most important traits you need to clear a Deloitte interview

  • Persistency: The candidate has to be persistent. He should be the one who has the right knowledge with right temperament and a never say die attitude.
  • Fluidity: The candidate should be ready to wear shoes of any profile at any time in a specific profile.
  • Process Orientation: The candidate should know how to be a process person, as with brand like Deloitte he/she needs to be best in process handling.

End note

In this article, we have shared complete hiring process of Deloitte for freshers (fresh graduates). This article has used inputs from candidates who have appeared in Deloitte round, Deloitte website, and online forums.

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