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Deloitte JAM interview preparation

About Deloitte

Deloitte is leading global company in accounting and consulting, having presence in 100+ offices throughout the globe. Deloitte has 5 main business areas working in different industries.

  1. Audit & Assurance
  2. Consulting
  3. Financial Advisory
  4. Risk Advisory
  5. Tax & Legal

We will be covering Deloitte JAM interview round of stage 2 process in this article.

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Deloitte JAM interview round

During Deloitte fresher hiring, candidates need to appear in JAM (Just a minute) interview round.

Deloitte JAM round pattern

In Deloitte JAM round, you are given a topic on the spot. You are given 30 seconds to think on the topic, and 1 minute to speak on this topic. It is basically an impromptu speech by you.

Once you are done, you will be asked 2-3 questions on the topic based on what points you said.

Previously asked JAM topics in Deloitte interviews

  • How can technology affect weather
  • Are startups just a trend
  • Drones – Boon or Bane
  • Person you look upto
  • Affect of AI on jobs
  • Social media influences
  • AI and Augmented reality
  • Technology and farming
  • Technology impact in future
  • IT revolution and boom in India
  • drones- revolution or menace
  • social media necessity or not
  • startups failure in India
  • E commerce discount are harmful or not
  • e Learning vs standard learning
  • which Technology giant has played a good role in your life
  • which Technology is used in sports or should tech be used in sports
  • Technology and climate change
  • life as a robot
  • downside of Technology in everyday life
  • How Technology is making our home simpler and safer
  • should all the softwares be open source
  • startup culture – boon or bane
  • is data the new oil
  • usage of analytics in your daily life
  • Is AI ( artificial intelligence) disrupting business for companies
  • technology in disaster management
  • Are Netflix/Amazon Prime reducing the quality of TV serials?
  • Can India become a manufacturing superpower
  • The downside of Technology
  • Can India become a Manufacturing Power
  • How can we leverage technology to combat climate change
  • One tech company that has a big impact in your life
  • Life as a Robot
  • Can flying cars be a reality?
  • Is technology helping the students?

Tips to crack Deloitte JAM interview round

  • Make sure you understand the topic well
  • Topics are often from recent current affairs. You need to be aware of latest happening. Make a habbit of daily newspaper reading
  • Try to make points from your recent understanding of topics. Avoid points which are from distant past.
  • Do not pause, do not repeat the same sentences you’ve used. They check your communication and presentation skills. Confidence is the key here!
  • Fluency in English, though is important but is not an eliminating factor. Make good points.

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End note

In this article, we have shared detailed strategy to prepare for JAM interview rounds in Deloitte recruitment process.

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