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Why should we need to recognise unpaid labour as genuine work

Almost 92% of the Indian workforce is engaged in the informal sector of which almost 49% of all the women whole work s not being accounted for the GDP.

Status of Unorganized sector / unpaid sector:

  • Scattered and fragmented workforces working individually, often loosely allocated in various occupations.
  • Not cohesive with any recognized association or unions with define ideology.

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Women’s issues under the unorganized sector:

  • Ignorance and surplus labour.
  • High level of exploitation.
  • Physical problems.
  • Irregular wage payment.
  • The non-lymphatic attitude of an employee.
  • Illiteracy wage discrimination.
  • Pool or low calling skills.

With formal recognition, the issues can be addressed leading to improvement on both social and economic front:

  • Increase regulation:- work environment will focus on seriousness and acknowledgements.
  • Acknowledgement of the unpaid boost GDP (40% of GDP is unpaid work that is not counted currently).
  • The estimated increase of up to 27% in GDP.
  • Bringing gaps on gender basis.
  • Promoting equality.
  • Rise on human development index ranking.

Status of women:

According to an ILO report, women represent:

  • 50% of the population.
  • 30% of the workforce.
  • Perform 60% of all working hours.
  • Receive 10% of the world’s income.
  • Own less than 1% of the world’s property.

These figures call for the attention towards uplifting the women and realizing their potential by considering their contribution the global GDPs.

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Way forward:

  • The huge gap (40%) between the two genders needs to be addressed in terms of their contributions.
  • The informal sector should be given recognition in terms of GDP.
  • Sections under Equal renovation Act should be altered ensuring equality and inclusion, reducing discrimination.
  • The work environment for both genders should be made adaptive and comfortable (Promoting sexual harassment Act).

Awareness to women regarding Institutional support, women grievance cells, job security should be ensured

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