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Why does magnetic poles shift?

The magnetic field of earth makes it behave like a magnet i.e. has north and south poles. This magnet was considered at the angle of 15degree with the geographical poles.

But in the last few years, it was observed that both north and south poles are shifting.

The north pole is observed to be shifting from Canada to Siberia at a pace 15 – 55 km\ hr. The shift of the southern magnetic pole is rather slower in comparison.

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Reason for the shift:-

  • Since the earth is made up of concentric larger of different materials known as –

Crust :1) Inner, 2) Outer.

Mantle: central.

Core : 1) Inner, 2) Outer.

The core is made up of heavy metals like Nickel and Iron which have magnetic properties. Since the outer core is in plan tic state and there is continuous movement of these metals causing a shift in the position of the north and south magnetic poles. This shift has also happened earlier causing a total shift in poles.

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Impact of shifting magnetic poles:-

  1. The ships use a compass for navigation which need to be recalibrated.
  2. The hot-air balloons are also dependent upon the magnetic direction of the earth.
  3. The birds fly using the direction of the magnetic field, hence this shift can lead to a change in their flights as well as destinations.
  4. Electronic items using compass also need to be aligned with the changed directions.

The shifting of magnetic poles can lead to directional and navigational errors, hence it is needed to be calculated accurately so that it inputs do not adversely affect us.

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