How is social media posing threat to India’ internal security?

Social media:-

message sharing applications or websites based on computer or smartphones. E.g. What’s App, Facebook, Telegram etc. It is basically used to connect people, share messages, photos, videos and many other uses.

However, it has emerged as a major threat to social security.

How social media threat to India’s internal security:-

Spreading fake news and rumours:

  • This fake messages spread on social media led to mob lynching -e.g. Blandisher(UP) commenced violence.
  • This disturbs the social fabric of the country.

Recruiting for terrorism and reconciliation.

  • Recent ISIS module busted in Delhi, shows that use of Facebook.
  • Techie from Bangalore — fond the handier of twitter of ISIS.
  • It also used to radicalize youths to join to cause of ideology.

The threat to democratic structure and thread.

  • -US 2016 – elections shows how fake news can influence election results.
  • Kazhata Assembly election – F.B – admitted more than 200 fake news.

Economic theft:-

  • Sending link to social media and handing economic information.

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Privacy issue:-

Challenges to handle the menace of social media.

  • Encrypted messages – end – end encryption prohibit law enforced

Agencies to decrypt messages.

  • No data localization :
  • All the senders of big tech giants are placing outside India.
  • It law enforcement agencies need information they need to go for other countries government to avail data.
  • This takes huge time.

An initiative of Government:-

Resent direction of Government to social media compare for getting information timely.

  • In 72hrs time,
  • Data localization,
  • Store incident with CERT-IN,
  • Remove fake news on platform etc.

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For cybersecurity incident to handle,

  1. Central monitoring system (CMS) – for monitoring electronic massages…
  2. NATGRTD — National intelligence grid to avail data to law entrant agencies about onus.
  3. Cyber police stations :- Pure Mau chai .

As more numbers of people are going owing and also government promoting

“ Digital India “. We need to create better checks and beware to stop misuse of social media and awareness among people.

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