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Unseen Passage for Grade 11 | MCQ Practice test | Reading Comprehension exercise

Unseen passage is an important part of English exam for Grade 11. It is part to check student reading abilities, and logical thinking process in analyzing a given paragraph.  In this article, we have shared an unseen passage for grade 11 with mcq questions, so that students can attempt this reading passage and attempt the questions for practice.

Unseen passage for Grade 11 with Multiple Choice Questions

Source: BBC

The illusion of knowledge – also called the “illusion of explanatory depth” – first came to light in 2002. In a series of studies, Leonid Rozenblit and Frank Keil at Yale University first provided participants with example explanations of scientific phenomena and technological mechanisms, which were scored on a scale of 1 (very vague) to 7 (very thorough). This ensured all participants were on the same page when it came to judging what comprised a “vague” or “thorough” understanding of a topic.

Next came the test. When presented with further science and tech questions, the participants had to rate how well they thought they would be able to answer each one, using that same scale, before writing out their explanation in as much detail as possible.

Rozenblit and Keil found that the participants’ initial appraisals of their understanding were often dramatically optimistic. They assumed they could write paragraphs on the subject, but often failed to offer more than the barest gist of an answer – and afterwards, many expressed surprise at how little they knew.

The researchers suspected that the overconfidence arose from the participants’ ability to visualise the concepts in question; it’s not hard to picture the flight of a helicopter, for example, and the ease with which that mental film came to mind led the participants to feel more confident about explaining the mechanics of its movements.

Since this seminal paper, psychologists have unveiled illusions of knowledge in many different contexts. For example, Matthew Fisher, an assistant professor in marketing at

Southern Methodist University, Texas, has found that many university graduates vastly overestimate their grasp of their college major, once they have left their studies.

Much like the first experiment, the participants were asked to rate their understanding of different concepts before providing a detailed explanation of what they meant. This time, however, the questions came from the subject they had studied years before. (A physics graduate might have attempted to explain the laws of thermodynamics, for example.) Thanks to the natural attrition of their memories, the participants seemed to have forgotten many of the important details, but they hadn’t noticed how much knowledge they had lost – leading them to be overconfident in their initial predictions. When judging their understanding, they assumed that they knew just as much as when they were completely steeped in their subject.

MCQ for unseen passage for Class 11

Unseen Passage Question: What is also known as illusion of explanatory depth?

  1. Illusion of pride
  2. Illusion of knowledge
  3. Illusion of bravery
  4. Illusion of beauty

Question: Leonid Rozenblit and Frank Keil are associated with which university?

  1. Harvard University
  2. Boston University
  3. Yale University
  4. Purdue University

Question: What did Matthew Fisher studies indicate about college graduate?

  1. Overestimating grasp of college major
  2. Overestimating their soft and communication skills
  3. Overestimating their mental break point
  4. None of these

Question: What is major reason for overconfidence as per researcher?

  1. Ability to visualization of concept
  2. Ability to memorize the concept
  3. Ability to relearning the concept
  4. None of these

End note:

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