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Unseen Passage for Grade 6 | MCQ Practice test | Reading Comprehension exercise

Unseen passage is an important part of English exam for Grade 6. It is part to check student reading abilities, and logical thinking process in analyzing a given paragraph.  In this article, we have shared an unseen passage for grade 6 with mcq questions, so that students can attempt this reading passage and attempt the questions for practice.

Unseen passage for Grade 6 with Multiple Choice Questions

Source: BBC

Psychologists have various tools to measure indecisiveness. One of the most common questionnaires – the Frost Indecisiveness Scale – asks participants to rate a series of statements on a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree). They include:

  • I try to put off making decisions
  • I have a hard time planning my free time
  • I often worry about making the wrong choice
  • It seems that deciding on the most trivial thing takes me a long time

Using this scale, psychologists have shown that indecisiveness is often a product of perfectionism. Perfectionists are scared of the shame or regret that may come with making the wrong choice – and so they put off making decisions until they feel certain they are doing the right thing. (And in some cases, of course, they simply never reach that level of confidence.)

The frustration this brings can be a barrier to happiness; in general, the higher someone scores on the scale above, the lower they will score on measures of life satisfaction, according to a study by Eric Rassin, a professor of psychology at Erasmus University, in the Netherlands. They are less likely to endorse statements such as “the conditions of my life are excellent”, for example, or “if I could live my life over, I would change almost nothing”.

From these results, indecisiveness would seem like a wholly undesirable trait. Recent research, however, suggests that the struggle to come to a quick conclusion – as uncomfortable as it may be – can also have an upside, since it protects people from some important cognitive biases. 

MCQ for unseen passage for Class 6

Unseen Passage Question: What is Frost Indecisiveness scale for?

  1. To measure frostness
  2. To measure indecisiveness
  3. To measure weight
  4. None of these

Question: Which of the following question is not part of Frost Indecisiveness scale ?

  1. planning free time
  2. worry about wrong choice
  3. put off making decisions
  4. eating lunch

Question: Who does psychologists have related the indecisiveness most?

  1. Narcissist
  2. Perfectionist
  3. Scientist
  4. None of these

Question: What impact does high indecisiveness lead to?

  1. Increased anxiety
  2. Decreased happiness
  3. Increased satisfaction
  4. None of these

End note:

In this article, we have shared practice unseen passage for class 6 exams and mcq tests. In case you are struggling to solve unseen passage questions, you can check how to solve unseen passage article

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