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Unseen Passage for Grade 12 | MCQ Practice test | Reading Comprehension exercise

Unseen passage is an important part of English exam for Grade 12. It is part to check student reading abilities, and logical thinking process in analyzing a given paragraph.  In this article, we have shared an unseen passage for grade 12 with mcq questions, so that students can attempt this reading passage and attempt the questions for practice.

Unseen passage for Grade 12 with Multiple Choice Questions

Source: BBC

The intersection of design and Surrealism often rests on a sense of the strangeness of the human body or a juxtaposition of images or objects that makes both seem unfamiliar,” she says, pointing to a “cognitive dissonance” experienced when men returned from World War One with serious injuries, mental and physical, which led to a boom in prosthetics. “While these were a practical necessity for many injured soldiers, prosthetics made visible the way lines between human and object could become blurred…” She refers to Prada, the designer brand that has “experimented with making clothes that blur the lines between body and clothing with their ‘breast’ sweaters in the spring/ summer 2022 collection.”

Stranger things

A blurring of lines can be seen in Nigerian fashion designer Yasmina Atta’s Kosmos in Blue, 2020, a shapeshifting headless torso whose leather wings flap unexpectedly, inspired by Afrosurrealist films, composer Alice Coltrane and African deity Mami Wata. It’s one stunning piece among the 350-strong artworks in Objects of Desire, which also showcases the expected and most feted objects, like a 1963 replica of Man Ray’s The Gift, a 1963 replica of his 1921 flat iron studded with nails that would rip any clothing to shreds, and his photo-artwork Le Violin Ingres (1924), model Kiki de Montparnasse’s curved back, carved with musical notes.

And of course, there are the many designs by Dalí, who said in 1940: “I try to create fantastic things, magical things, like in a dream. The world needs more fantasy”. He supplied that in his second fruitful design partnership (after Schiaparelli) with millionaire surrealist art patron Edward James. In the 1930s, they created their Mae West lips sofa, Lobster Telephone, and Cat’s Cradle Hands Chair. These all resided for a time in James’s Sussex mansion, Monkton House, said to be the most complete Surrealist interior.

To see the movement’s interconnectedness at play, consider a painting like The Old Maids, 1947, by Leonora Carrington, its spectral figures distorted by weird perspective, alongside Björk’s videos for songs such as Mutual Core, 2011, Hidden Place, 2001 – in which insidious snakelike forms take over her face – and more recently this year’s Atopos, directed by Viðar Logi. There’s also Tim Walker’s arresting portrait of Tilda Swinton, with a Vicki Beamon lip brooch gripped between her teeth, and razor-sharp talons; taken in 2013 at the estate in Mexico once owned by Edward James, it brings us full circle in style if not time.

MCQ for unseen passage for Class 12

Unseen Passage Question: Which brand blurred the lines between body and clothing with its sweater?

  1. Gucci
  2. Prada
  3. H&M
  4. Zara

Question: What designer outfit is inspired by African deity’ Mami Wata?

  1. Shapeshifting headless torso
  2. Armless hoodies
  3. Rainbow colored long dress
  4. None of these

Question: What kind of object is Man Ray’s The Gift?

  1. Shapeshifting headless torso
  2. Photo-artwork
  3. Iron studded with nails
  4. None of these

Question: Which of these is not created by Dalí?

  1. Cat’s Cradle Hands Chair
  2. Lobster Telephone
  3. Shapeshifting headless torso
  4. Mae West lips sofa

End note:

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