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UGC NET Management – Syllabus, eligibility criteria, books, study material, job opportunities and preparation strategy

UGC NET Management given an edge to the students dreaming for a career in both management theory which goes into informing policies and best practices in management and Research oriented opportunities.

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Eligibility Criteria of UGC NET Management

Candidates to be eligible for this exam must have a master’s degree (See eligibility criteria here) from the related field only. For taking management as a subject in UGC NET candidates must be from the background of MBA,, Hotel management, Master’s in economics or any other commerce related subject.

47% of the times candidate didn’t have any information about the compnay they are applying for. Are you looking for video interview practice, click here.

One’s chosen subject in masters should be related to management and only then you will be able to apply for UGC NET in this subject.

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Syllabus for UGC NET Management

Managerial Economics -Demand Analysis, Market structures, Advertising, Business Environment, Cost-output relations, Infrastructure- Management and Policy, National Income Concepts.
Organizational behavior Skills and role in organization, Understanding and managing group behavior, Processes, communication, managing conflicts.
Human resource Management Human resource planning, objectives, process and techniques, exit policy and implications, Industrial relations and trade unions, wage determination.
Financial management Nature and scope, valuation concepts, capital structure, dividend policies, Long term and short-term financing instruments.
Marketing Marketing environment, environment scanning, Product life cycle, Pricing methods and strategies, promotion decision, uses of internet as a marketing management.
Production management Role and scope of production management, Role and scope of operations research, linear programming, Markov analysis.
Statistics and probability Probability theory, probability distributions, Test of hypothesis, Use of computers in managerial applications.
Strategic management Components of strategy formation, strategies in industry revolution, globalization of financial systems.
Motivation and entrepreneurship  Innovation and entrepreneurship, small business concepts, managing small enterprise.
Business Ethics Ethical issues and analysis in management, environmental ethics, social responsibilities of business.
International trade India’s foreign trade and policy, International marketing logistics, International financial environment, WTO and trade agreements.


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Career opportunities after clearing UGC NET in management

  • Business Lectureship: Candidates who had qualified UGC NET can go for the post of assistant professor in various colleges and universities. Management qualified candidates can work in the field of business studies and management both.
  • Management consultant: UGC NET qualified candidates can work as management consultant and work towards providing business solutions for the growth of company.
  • Policy analyst: Work of policy analyst is to analyze data and manage business policies.
  • Change manager: Work of change manager is to facilitate changes that improve business policies.
  • Work in Public sector Undertakings (PSU’s): From last year onwards, PSU’s had opened their gates for UGC Net qualified candidates. One can work as an executive in HR (Human resources), Management, finance, etc. other related fields.
  • D. Scholar: Candidates can work in universities as a Ph.D. scholar in top level universities and institutions such as IIM’s, IIT’s, central universities, state universities.
  • Go ahead with research work: Candidates can carry ahead their research work and attract funds to set their own laboratory and assistants.
  • Author: NET qualified candidates can work as an author in their field and write course books as well as UGC preparation books.
  • Guide students for NET: Alternatively, one can teach in private coaching institutes and guide students for NET preparation in management.

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Books and Preparation strategy for UGC NET management

For preparing any exam one should be determined and make strategic plans. One should focus on ways in which they are comfortable rather than following topper’s strategy or plan. The management paper of UGC NET is typically theoretical. Most of the questions asked in this paper are theory based and very few numerical based questions.

  1. First of all, although UGC had prescribed syllabus of each subject, it’s not enough for preparing. Several portions are such vast and cover large number of topics. It’s best to analyze the previous year papers and make a list of topics from which questions had been asked frequently. Last year papers are easily available on CBSE/UGC Website and candidates should download them.
  2. Once you have analyzed the syllabus and now know what are the most important topics you can proceed further. Now make a study plan or schedule and follow it rigorously. Start your studies by studying each topic mentioned in the syllabus and the syllabus analyzed by you from your post-graduation and graduation books.

Don’t be just dependent on UGC NET books. They have very brief notes which are only useful at the time of revision. Try downloading PDF files or renting books from library in order to reduce expenditure.

Important topics and books for UGC NET management

  • Managerial Economics: Demand analysis, Production function, Market structures, Macro-economics, National income, Capital Budgeting are the important topics in this section and most of the questions asked are from these topics.

Books: Managerial Economics by H L Ahuja, managerial economics by T R Jain

  • Organizational structure: Neo classical, Modern theories, organizational design, communication, learning & motivation are some important topics of this topic.

Books: Stephan P Robbins

  • Human resources management (HRM): This is one of the most important topics. Recruitment and selection, Performance and appraisal, training and development, grievance management, Trade Union, Employee participation are very important sections and must be read thoroughly.

Books: Human resources management by Gary Dessler, HRM by B J Lathi.

  • Financial management: Valuation of concepts, Risk and return, pricing theory & model, capital budgeting, capital structure, Dividend policies, Inventory management, Corporate risk management should be studied properly.

Books: Financial management by M Y Khan, P K Jain

  • Marketing management: We can all it the lengthiest and most important topic of UGC NET management syllabus. Everything in this particular topic is important. A lot of questions had been framed over the past years from the same topic.

Book: Marketing management by Philip Kotler

  • Production management and operational research: Focus on this by scientific approach and previous year papers.

Book: David Collier

  • Statistics: Probability theory, Correlation & Regression, Sampling and Hypothesis.

Books: Business statistics by T R Jain.

  • International business: A lot of questions are framed from this topic and thus it is advised to cover it in depth.

Books: International business by Hill and Arun

Other important topics are corporate strategy, entrepreneurship & Innovation, Social responsibility and ethics. 

As soon as you have read all the books according to the syllabus you need to start solving previous papers. For this UGC NET Management Previous Years’ Papers Solved by R. Gupta containing previous year solved papers is the best. But just solving and reading the previous year questions would not be enough. Candidates need to work in depth of each question paper.

Give at least 4-5 hours on one previous year paper. Do detailed analysis of each question.  For e.g. if a question is asked regarding trade management in a particular year then just don’t stop there by solving the question. Google it, read about it from books, read about all the policies from that particular year. By doing so candidates would be able to learn the missed topics or the topics that are not clearly mentioned in the syllabus.

Once this detailed analysis of paper is completed you can move further with your study plan. Now candidates should go for integrated practice sets. These books serve best as guide and revision books. Question banks given at the back are quite extensive and useful.

Books: UGC NET/SET (JRF & LS) Management by Mohit Agarwal (Arihant)

Trueman’s UGC NET Management by M. Shivani

There aren’t many days left for UGC NET thus every candidate aspiring for this year’s NET exam should focus on Mock tests and test series. For any assistance regarding course and study material feel free to write to us at

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