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Best Books for Nabard Grade A/B Preparation

Nabard or National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development is one of the premier institutes in the field of Banking Sector which are solely devoted to providing financing opportunities to the rural sector. Nabard recruits for its entry-level position at 2 levels – Grade A and Grade B.

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Nabard Grade A exam constitutes 2 written exams (Phase 1 and Phase 2 ) and one interview.  In Phase 1 exam, the following subjects are asked:

  1. Quantitative Aptitude
  2. Reasoning
  3. English
  4. Computer Knowledge
  5. Agriculture and Rural Development
  6. General Awareness
  7. Economics and Social issues

Phase 1 paper is of 200 marks and 2 hours. Nabard Phase 1 is a qualifying stage and its mark does not have much significance in your final selection.

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Nabard Preliminary exam pattern

Total allocated time: 2 hours

Total marks: 200

Subject wise marks: 

  • English: 40
  • Reasoning: 20
  • Quantitative Aptitude: 20
  • Computer Knowledge: 20
  • General Awareness: 20
  • Economics and Social Issues: 40
  • Agriculture and Rural Development: 40

Nabard Phase 2 has 2 papers of 100 marks and 2 hours each.

  1. Paper 1: Economics and Social Issues + Agriculture and Rural Development
  2. Paper 2: English

Nabard Phase-2 score and interview score will determine candidate’ rank and chances of selection into the final job.

Best books for Nabard Grade A/B

As seen above in Nabard paper pattern, Nabard judges on primarily 2 things in its recruitment test – General Aptitude and the basic understanding of core (in phase 1) and Deep understanding of core knowledge (in phase 2).

Books for Nabard Grade A/B phase 1

  • Quantitative Aptitude: RS Aggrawal, Rajesh Verma, Arun Sharma, Sarvesh Verma
  • Reasoning: RS Aggrawal, Neetu Singh, Arun Sharma
  • English: SP Bakshi, Raymond Murphy
  • Computer Science: Kiran Publication, Gyanm
  • Agriculture and Rural Development: Budget and Economics Survey, RK Sharma
  • Economics and Social Issues: Budget and Economics Survey, Ramesh Singh
  • General Awareness: Last 6 months current affairs with the focus on Economics, Agriculture and Govt Schemes

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Nabard Grade A prelims paper is basically a speed test, you need to solve 200 questions from 7 different subjects in 2 hours. You should clear cut off for individual subjects as well as cut off for the whole.

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Tips for studying for Nabard Grade A/B

  1. Make sure that you have a complete understanding of syllabus (See Nabard Grade A and B section for detailed syllabus)
  2. Make sure you are focussing on Agriculture related news and current affairs.
  3. Make sure you are practicing enough before the exam
  4. Make sure you are through with cut off for all sections. Don’t stick to one section too much. Remember to take a watch with you. You should ideally give proportionate time to each of the subjects as per mark distribution.
  5. ARD and ESI section of paper 1 is relatively easy, and the focus is on basic facts and current affairs.

Books for Nabard grade A/B paper 2

Economics and Social Issues books

  • Social Problems in India – Ram Ahuja
  • Indian Economy – Ramesh Singh/ Misra & Puri / Datt Sundaram
  • NCERT – Class Xi and XII books for basic of ESI and RD
  • Daily Newspaper (Hindu, ET, Business Standard)

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Agriculture books for Nabard

  • Agriculture at a Glance – R K Sharma
  • Fundamentals of Agriculture – Arun Katyayan Vol 1 & 2
  • A Competitive book of Agriculture – Nem Raj Sanda
  • Agriculture Today magazine
  • Press release from Nabard, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Rural Development

Rural Development books for Nabard

  • Rural Development – Indian Context by IGNOU (available on e-gyankosh, IGNOU)
  • Rural development – Indian context by GPH books
  • Kurukshetra and Yojana magazines
  • Government schemes on rural development

Preparation Tips for phase 2 paper of Nabard Grade A/B

  1. Paper 2 is divided into 2 parts. Paper for English which has weight-age of 100 marks, and paper for ESI + ARD of 100 marks.
  2. ESI is focussed towards Agriculture and Rural Development.
  3. The scope of ARD subject is vast here, there is 2 parts in ARD paper- One with static content (for example – regarding SOIL, classifications of different kinds). Second is with current content, related to recent news and update on ARD segment.
  4. For English, make sure you are covering all important schemes related to the Rural sector. For example – MNREGA, Fasal Bima Yojana. Do focus on schemes on which govt is emphasizing more in recent times. For example- Doubling farm income.
  5. For ARD static part, don’t go with complete syllabus (if time is short). Make selective reading, based on past year trends.

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We hope that this list of books for Nabard Grade A/B will help you make the right selection of course material for Nabard Grade A/B exams.

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