Smart Cities are the incubators of the New Urban India

New India envisage the concept of aluminous, sustainability, e-mobility and overall development.

Smart cities facilitated the same –

  • If an initiative that ha brought invariability to developmentaspects sparring along :
  • E-mobility –Fame India
  • Innovation
  • Digitization – automation
  • Cultural aspects –NRIDXY
  • It has brought structural changes to city based development towards ensuring sustainable urbanization :
  • Digital data management throughblock Hain
  • Participatory management through receiptpurpose while 50 % VLB equity.
  • Planned urbanization through hostalive (RE generated building codes) and reformative (urban green)action.
  • It has advocated inclusive development which is deliverable towards the concept of new India through :
  • Realization of demographic –dividend — enabling integration of global value chains under service and manufacturing sector.
  • Inclusive development – addressing the factors of labor mobility and migration through different action such as NVLM.
  • The political advances of emerging India can not be realized whenecological sustainability unaddressed. SMART citiesmission also addressed these issues :
  • Institutional of below mind mission
  • Establishment ofvaltop solar mission
  • Establishment of operation green towards phased urbanization
  • Economic aspect of an emerging nation has been well delivered by smart cities
  • FDI has been increasethrough rate of doing bunaik, specially along providing construction permits.
  • loudening of knowledge exchange in manumitting through High speed rail.

 Way ahead :

  1. FDI should be distributed equitably
  2. Migrationfeature need to be formalized by ensuring urbanization along human capital.
  3. Invocation of an e-mobilityunder smartand to be workableincluding the workability of within ion and charging facilities.

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