What are key significance of forest survey of India?

India has a forest survey of 74%. Those have been 0.1% in the forest comes as provided by the India Forest Survey.

The need for forest survey is essential: –

  • Forest survey versus dynamism of land use admits development.
  • Lately, there are cases of encroachment of protected areas under western plans.
  • Forest survey ensures adequate development.
  • A full proof forest survey ensures adequate demarcation of the land area to be bifurcated among developmental (industrial) and conservatory purposes.

India needs a holistic forest survey to address the specifics of forest cover:

  • The specificity of tree cover – India’s latest forest survey has a lenient approach towards tree cover (intensity) compared to global forest watch which considers a tree line less than a height of 5 feet.
  • Specificity of the forest distribution: – global forest watch report considers every state is India expect by Chandigarh to have detonated in afforestation, whereas the India’s forest survey considers 28 of 36 states to have progressed.

Technical specificity of demarcation has been redundant:

  • No specific analysis on the fastened survey based on development such as plantation development.
  • Lack of targeted and ground-based survey through G15 etc. and excess reliance satellite imaginary challenges.

Lack of an institutional approach on forest survey based on:

  • Participatory management long zonal and virtual, with the inclusion of PRIS
  • Adequate research — an ideological aspect such as endemism, seasonal aspects on forest companion centration etc, are not included.
  • Lack of adequate regulatory control
  • Forest survey are not enforceable towards environmental decrees as laid down by an appellate tribunal on environmental mitigation.

Lack of executive support:

Often development has been superseded our conservation by regional political agendas. This magnifies the lack of enforceability of forest survey across various areas such as—

  • Sand mining
  • Tourism
  • Hydro project
  • Development induces displacement and rehabilitation.

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