GATE Exam – How to prepare ideal GATE calendar and time-table

There is only one difference in being successful or vice versa; we all get 24 hours per day irrespective of reservation, standard, class etc. The hours of day is given to each person is equal, it depends on us how we manage it. Successful people manage this 24 hours to be one in million. Making time table, planning good time management or thinking of doing great things is easy, but the major part is of implementing it; in which most of us fails and that’s the U-turn.

GATE- Graduate Aptitude Test of Engineering; the preparation of gate is not easy, as we have to cover a vast syllabus in only one year. But students who get rank between AIR-100 is also among us. So all you need is to manage your 24 hours, making a time table and implementing it too. Ideal time table and calendar for dividing subjects according to months left would make your efforts less, moreover it will boost up your confidence.

Initially we all are motivated for the preparation, we think we can easily study daily for 5-6 hours and than get a good rank; but with time our motivation get depreciated. Aspirants should strictly keep in their mind that it’s impossible to answer all 100 questions, aim for 60-80 marks, even toppers get 70-80 marks. There are always few questions in examination which can not be answered by aspirants. So don’t develope a fear of failure if you leave 2-3 questions. Secondly, dedicating few hours daily to studies is best strategy, but don’t dedicate whole day to studies and than skip studying for next two days.

Students often confuse with the Study plan and Time table, they need to know that both are completely different, as study plan includes studying hours, and time table includes every activity of your day. We make time table to achieve our study plan.

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What basic things should one keep in mind while preparing his time table for the preparation of GATE examination are as follow-up-

  • Define objective: Students should be clear with their objective that, either they just want to crack the examination or to get a rank between AIR-100. Along with this, they should also divide their time like, how much time is for preparation, how much time for revision, how much time for test series etc.
  • Should understand their requirements: Preparing time table is not about how impressive that tabular sheet is but it includes things which let you utilize each hour of your day and among those most importantly your studies. Before preparing time table you should know that you can’t keep studying for whole year without giving time to family, functions or relatives or friends etc. So include those requirements in your time table.
  • Build strong Foundation: Aspirants often compare their study hours with the toppers and then be adamant to study 7-8 hours a day like them. But this is wrong, students must know their abilities, their stamina. And then study accordingly. Self observation is necessary. If you are studying less hours then increase it slowly day by day, studying 1 hour today and 5 hours tomorrow would do no good.
  • Make your time table more specific: Making long term time table is not useful, it oftently can’t be implemented properly. So making weekly time table is useful and students must follow that. Sometimes, preparing in preparing a time table we include the predictable things like family function, wedding etc. But we are never ready for unpredictable things which could affect our time table like tragedy of kins, illness etc. Students get frustrated if their time table is disturbed , so be ready for unpredictable things too.
  • Avoid procrastination: It simple means don’t delay things, if anyhow starting hours of your day doesn’t go according to your time table, then don’t leave everything in the next day. You can start from the noon hours. Or the next possible thing is if we start completing our target according to our plan then it’s possible that we delay topics which is wrong.
  • Time table sets you free: Students in beginning of following time table thinks it as a bondage, which bound them to work accordingly. But if you keep following that for a week or two, languidly you would notice that time table doesn’t bound you rather it sets you free. If you sincerely give hours to study you don’t feel guilt about not studying while doing other things like watching tv or using social media .
  • Prepare with persistence: In GATE the initial 20% of syllabus and the last 20% of syllabus are easy but the remaining 60% which come in between is the toughest and it requires more efforts, more determination and yes the will power. Studying when you are most active gives you more grasping power to the knowledge, so studying in morning is best between 4am-8am. The biggest thing which students should keep in mind while studying in these hours is, don’t think of the result or the marks , just study till you have interest in that.

Self motivation is one big thing in acquiring your goal. And will power is a think which you must have to follow your own rules or the time table you make. About the distribution of months to GATE preparation is- Give your starting months to easy topics, in which you have command, Mid months to tough topics, in which you have to work hard an improve, and save last month’s only for mock test, revision, test series. So that you can analyse your preparation and work on it.

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