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How to Score Higher in GATE Mechanical Exam

Unlike academic examinations which can be certified passed only by getting passing marks; competition now days is increasing and it pushes you beyond your abilities; not just to pass that exam but to attain a good score.

GATE is one tipical examination which held once in every year. Passing gate and acquiring a rank is easy, but acquiring rank between AIR-100 and score greater than 80 is one thing which is appreciable. It’s obvious that we need to have a plan and strategy to get somewhere. Similarly, for the preparation of GATE one needs to be planned, determined and strict towards following that.

Following are some key factors, which you should follow in order to get more that 80 marks in GATE Mechanical exam-

1.Pattern of the examination

GATE mechanical examination is categorized in two parts according to subjects; a)Technical Subjects, b)Non-Technical Subjects. Technical subjects includes 12-14 subjects and contains 70-72 marks. Non-Technical subjects  includes Maths, Aptitude, English; and contains 28-30 marks.

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2.What to be studied Per day

Divide the days left for examination according to the length of subjects. Start with subjects you are comfortable with, or those which are easy and than keep moving towards tougher subjects. Study one or two technical subjects and one non- technical subjects per day. Taking non-technincal subjects lightly is one big mistake all students do. Give 3-4 hours to technical part and 1-2 hours to non technical. Non-technincal contains 30% marks so try to give your 30% of your time to it.

3.To start with

To boost up your confidence firstly get your grip on your strong subjects. If you start with tough subjects like; thermodynamics and fluid mechanics, or the subjects with more topics like; heat transfer or strength of materials, it’s predictable that you may loose confidence and your preparation gets weaken. First get accuracy in easy subjects or your favourite subjects like; mechanical conditions or production technology, than prepare tough subjects.

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4.Time Management

Organizing and managing time always helps so it’s necessary that you should manage your time for the preparation. Firstly start with maintaining subjects in starting months of preparation, than increase your grasping power on each topic in mid months, and in last months give test and mock series to strengthen your weak areas and to analyse.

Studying continuously would divert your concentration and and give you stress; so proper breaks are necessary between hours of studying. Morning hours are best so try giving 2-3 hours in morning and than 3-4 hours in evening.

5.If less time is left

Apply 30:70 rule if less time is left and your preparation is not so good i.e study 30% subjects which are asked for 70% marks. Like the main topics asked in mechanical exams are; thermodynamics, heat transfer, strength of materials, fluid mechanics etc. Revise once after every 20 days, prepare your own notes and try making short notes; one page notes for a chapter. Give more and more mock test series and practice from last ten years papers. It will tell your problematic areas and increase your speed. Also it acquaints you about the online calculator and keyboard.

Relax on last day, don’t stress too much. Be confident about yourself and try to give best of your ability. Revise your self made notes, don’t carry notes to the examination premises for last minute revision as it would just give you stress and nothing else. Most importantly don’t discuss questions with your friends otherwise you will doubt your preparation.

If your maintain your schedule and follow your strategy, you could easily get more than 80 in gate mechanical examination. Only planning and making time table and not following it strictly could get you nothing but disappointment. Work hard for a year and the result would be enough to pay for your efforts. It’s better to enjoy after working hard and putting your 100% efforts than regretting for not trying when u have tried.

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