Gate Mechanical Engineering – Topics which will give you more marks with less effort

For 2019 GATE preparation, one must have a self planned strategy. Following are some points which is essential not only for GATE aspirants but also for final year students, who are preparing for gate along with their academic studies.

Important points which are required for attaining more marks with less effort. You will have less burden and stress of studies, if once you prepare a strategy and time table. So, you must keep following points in mind-

  1. Material- For best practice you should have best reference books, either books, ebooks, lectures, or applications. Give 2-3 hours on solving and practising books, it will cover 80% of syllabus.
  2. Previous year Question papers- Practice atleast 10 years of practice papers to have a grip over topics which are frequently asked in gate exams, along with practising them will let you analyse your preparation.
  3. Short notes- Make short notes of all subjects by yourself. To understand them more clearly.
  4. Test series- Divide test series in two parts i.e first subjects wise, don’t do full length tests in mid months of preparation as it will loose your confidence . So firstly attempt subject wise series and then attempt full length in last months.
  5. Time management- Managing time always makes things easier, if once you manage your time properly your

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Along with following all this; one must keep in mind that studying 5 -6 hours a day is necessary and can help in getting a good rank comfortably, but at the same time excessive studying of 9-10 hours would do nothing but stress you out, it’s foolishness of losing sleep and food over studying and getting stressed. So manage time and divide it accordingly. Study as your ability, everyone has a different ability and they can spend hours on study according to their ability. So don’t compare yourself with anyone. Do the hard plus smart work, don’t put too much efforts which even are not necessary.

Now about topics which will provide you more and easy marks if you prepare those topics sincerely and completely . 60% concepts are repeated in GATE Mechanical exam in few topics. Subjects and their topics are divided according to their level, or which are frequently asked-

          Topic Regularly       asked Easy/Tough level   Maximum Weightage
● Manufacturing Casting types & designs, Resistance Welding. Easy-Limits fits & tolerance, Metrology measuring, CNC programming Orthogonal cutting, Tool life equation problems.
Thermal Science Problem on diesel, Otto, Dual cycle, Detonation, Knocking, Turbo machinery. Tough- Second & first law, Steam Turbines, availability. Laws of TD, properties
Fluid Mechanics Specific speed of turbines and pumps and it’s unit quantity. Easy- Buoyancy, Surface tension, Capillary, Application of Bernoulli equation. Velocity potential, Flow through pipes, Boundary layer theory
Heat transfer Problems on  Conduction, Shape factor in Radiation, Problems in Heat Exchanger Number in Convection ,like; Pr No, Gr No, Re No etc.
Theory of Machine & Vibration Pair and it’s application, Linkage, Inversions of single & double slider crank. Easy- Shaft problems, Governors, Flywheel

Tough- Planetary gear train, Gear LOC & POC.

Industrial       Engineering Tough- LPP Queuing theory, EOQ problems, Inventory control.
● Engineering Mathematics Structure analysis, Work & Energy, Law of Restitution.
General Aptitude Sentence completion, Word analogies. Numerical computation and Data interpretation.

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