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Expected questions in RBI Grade B 2018 Interview

Many congratulations in clearing RBI Grade B Phase 2 exam. Now since you have cleared your RBI Grade B written exam, you have only final hurdle remaining – RBI Grade B Interview. In this article, we will see what are the most likely questions that will be asked to you in RBI Grade B Interviews. It will help you in preparing for these answers well in advance.

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RBI Grade B interview preparation

RBI Grade B interview can be broadly divided into 3 types

  1. Your background
  2. Your understanding of subjects and roles being offered
  3. Your knowledge of things or major events happening around you

RBI panel does not take stress interview, and rarely asked puzzles. However, they might ask you 1-2 question based on your general understanding of your graduation subjects.

We will see these 3 sections which you will face during RBI Grade B interview.

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RBI Grade B interview – questions on your background

In here background means, whatever you have mentioned in your BIODATA form. This includes your education, professional experience, your interests, family and area where you belong.

Some of the most common questions that are asked in these sections are

  1. You did graduation in engineering, why are you interested in RBI?
  2. Questions related to the company (mostly industry specific)
  3. Questions related to your interest (for example – if you have mentioned movies as your interest, they might ask you about a particular famous movie )

RBI Grade B interview – questions on the understanding of subjects

In this section, your knowledge of finance and economics will be checked primarily. RBI panel might ask you to define a certain term related to Finance and Economics (for example – deadweight loss) in which your understanding of the subject is checked.

RBI panel will also check your interest in the roles. They might try to discourage you that RBI is a very boring desk job and try to gauge whether you are keen to take this profile or not.

RBI Grade B interview – Knowledge of current affairs

This section will check your understanding of various current events and news happening in India and abroad. Basically, it is more like the current part of ESI. You might be asked to predict why rupee is falling, and what are your suggestions to help it recovers.

Important things to note down in RBI Grade B interview

  • First and foremost, be relaxed. Do not panic. Even if you do not know the answer, tell them straight that you haven’t heard of such a term. Do not lie or guess the answer. It will significantly decrease your selection in RBI Grade B.
  • Take this interview as a general person to person conversation and nothing more. Think like this, that you are going to interact with some of your peers, who are interested in knowing your opinion. Take off your pressure from your head.
  • Dress nice and be in good mood. Wear a formal, greet panel on entering the room, says thanks when leaving the room.
  • Go through RBI press releases, major govt schemes, and major world economic news. Do not start reading trivial things like PM visit to some African countries.

RBI Grade B mock interviews

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In this article, we have seen most common questions that you will see in RBI Grade B 2018 interviews. We hope that this article will help you in your RBI Grade B interview preparation.

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All the Best!

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