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RBI Grade B Interview Experience

Hello Students,

We bring to you RBI Grade B interview of Mr. Nagaraju. Please go through this, it will help you in understanding interview pattern and most probable question.

Interview date- Aug 30. Interview was taken by 4 panelists.

Interview started at 11.50 AM and completed within 10 minutes. It went as follows:

Chairman: So you have good academic percentages (93% in B.Tech), its really appreciable

me: thank you sir

Member1: Are you preparing for UPSC?

me: yes sir

M1: have you cleared this time prelims?

me: yes sir

Chairman: And your hobbies are reading Novels. What kind of novels do you read?

me: Sir, I read all genres. Not specifically one kind.

Chairman: Ok, what have you read from different genres?

me: told about different novel names with their genres.

chairman: and you watch short films?

me: yes sir, I watch telugu short films

M1: As you don’t have any work experience, tell me what have you read from economics or finance or current affairs. I will ask from them?

me: told several topics like demonetization, GST, NPAs, etc.

M1: What are Non-performing Assets?

me: told the definition

M1: What happens after declaring an asset as NPA?

me: Sir, Banks have to restructure the loans

M1: NO that is too early to restructure. tell me what happens immediately?

me: paused for few seconds as I am not getting any thoughts. Said, Sir, I am not aware of it.

M1: tell me what is non-performing in NPAs?

me: Sir, loans given by banks are an asset to the bank and if interest and principal not paid, it would effect the credit capability of the bank. ( not satisfied with my answer)


M2: What is monetary policy framework?

me: explained it

M2: what is the target?

me: sir, it is 2% to 6%

M2: But I heard it something like plus or minus?

me: Sir, it is 4% plus or minus 2%

M2: What happens if targets are not met?

me: Sir, if the inflation is above or below the target for consecutively 3 quarters, RBI has to give an explanation to Govt with reasons for failures and actions that will be taken up

M2: What is the index used?

me: Sir it is Consumer Price Index?

M2: What is the difference between WPI and CPI?

me: Sir, CPI calculated by prices at the retailer level. WPI is at the production gate or wholesale market. CPI includes taxes and transport costs.

M2: Does it include services (WPI)?

me: No sir. CPI includes services but not WPI

(Chairman went outside – this made me think that I did something wrong)

Member 3: (lady member)

M3: what are the types financial markets?

me: Madam, primary market and secondary market (gave the answer without thinking)

M3: NO no not that. Ok tell me what is money market? ( I realized now what I said)

me: gave the definition

M3: ok, what are they?

me: I was not able to remember a single name. paused for a moment. And said, Madam I am not able to recollect, but Govt securities with less than 1-year maturity come under this.

M3: Have you heard of CP and CD?

me: I was not able to get their full form. She understood that.

M3: what is commercial paper?

me: madam it is a short term financial instruments issued by Corporate with less than 1 year maturity

M3: then Certificate of deposits?

me: issued by Public sector banks.

M1: only PSBs?

me: I understood the mistake. but gave blank expression.

M1: no given by all banks.

(She also left the room)

Member 4:

M4: What is repo rate?

me: gave the definition

M4: what is reverse repo rate?

me: gave the definition

M4: what are they?

me: Sir, these are Liquidity adjustment facilities. and used for inflation control also.

M4: Have you heard of LIBOR and MIBOR?

me: paused for a moment and said, sir, these are interest rates on interbank short term adjustment exchanges.

M4: where are they conducted?

me: paused and gave blank expression.

M2: Do you know their full form?

me: No sir, I don’t know.

M2: if you know the full form, you could have said the answer.

M4: MIBOR is at Mumbai and LIBOR is London. Ok you can leave now.

me: thank you very much sir.

M2: you didn’t get the placements?

I was about to say, I didn’t attend. but M1 interrupted and said he is preparing for UPSC.

interview Over.

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