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Why is public safety for women a big concern?

As per a report of NCRB, from the year 2015 to 2016, there is an increase of nearly 5,000 cases of crime against women. And eventually, the rates of heinous crimes are also increasing.

India got independence after nearly 200 years of struggle, but the women in our society are still fighting and there is a death of women security still prevailing.

Violence against women –

  • Domestic violence
  • Molestation
  • Sexual harassment
  • Rape
  • Physical harassment
  • Verbal harassment

In the current scenario, there is an increasing crime rate against the minor girl child. (for e.g. Unna rape case)

Recently in UP, an M.L.A has allegedly raped a girl for a long period of time, time, and when they are going for the court’s proceeding, they are streaked by a trick. Political influences also lead to such heinous crimes as well.

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Reasons for such crimes –

  • Ineffective legislative for women safety.
  • Delayed in the litigation process of political influence.
  • Gender inequality.
  • Poor and Hippocratic cultural morals and ethics.
  • Fewer household educations.
  • Fewer respects towards women.
  • Physical attraction.

According to UN safe cities and public programmers, Delhi stands in 3rd last cities, unsafe for women.

Solutions to make women safe society –

  • Implementation of a supervisory councilor every corporate or public sector office, so, scrutinizes or supervises on any crimes against women. (I.e. The internal complaints committee under the prevention of sexual harassment at workplace Act 2013).
  • should introspect, and coordinate with state stakeholders to efficiently use the funds like NIRBHAYA FUNDS to curb the menace.
  • Proper implementation of women safety regulations like Domestic Violent Act; Dowry Act 1961.
  • Make e-courts, first track courts, POCSO courts, subordinate, high courts and Supreme Court read to give fast judgment for emergency cases to tackle the crime rate.
  • Promoting social campaigns like #metoomovement, and take timely action.

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Due to such an increasing trend in the crime rate against women, the women participation in various fields is lowering (only 26% as per statistics). Thus we need to curb this social evil and make the proper implementation of legislation. And besides, legislations and government initiative, there is a need of a societal change and a behavioral change, so that there will be gender equality, and proper moral and ethics evil will be followed, to make the country prosperous.

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