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Why is Border Security Force (BSF) important?

Border Security Force (BSF) is India’s 1st line of defense of one of the 7 central armed forces.

It was raised is the watch of 1965 war for ensuring the security of borders of India.

The task of BSF during peacetime.

  • Promote a sense of security among people living in border areas.
  • Prevent trans-border crimes. of unauthorized entry of exits – India’s territory.
  • Prevent smuggling of any illegal activity.

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BSF has played a vital role in protecting the sovereignty of integrity of nation –

  • AD 1st line of defense, defending LOC along with Army on toughest peaks of J & K.
  • BSF – instrumental role in helping state administration in maintaining law and order

Of peaceful conduct of the election.                                                                                               

  • EG – BSF – performing internal security duty Manpower for the last 2 years of successfully trying insurgency.
  • During Kargil conflict – BSF remained on heights of mountains defending the integrity of country wills all vigil.
  • Recently, In Gujarat communal disturbance, BSF personnel helped to restore peace, the order of Brotherhood among people.
  • In Missions – BSF contributes a number of personnel every year.

In all times, BSF has protected our country’s sovereignty of integrity of stint continues to do so.

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