What is India cooling action plan?

As the climate is changing day by day, the atmospheric temperature also increases because of the greenhouse gases, Ozone layer depletion, etc. All these impact the health of the community of the grey nation. Hence, taking a cooling action plan is a need of the hour.

Objectives of the India’s cooling action plan

  1. Reduces the impact of increasing atmospheric temperature on its fellow citizens.
  2. Making the cooling amenities affordable and approachable to the citizens of the nation.
  3. Making of the amenities like the refrigerator within the nation, thereby increasing employment opportunities and livelihood.
  4. Export of the indigenously made cooling amenities in the international market to raise the GDP.
  5. Developing cooling amenities favouring less negligible environmental impact.

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Impact and solution on Future cooling needs of life: –

  1. Affordability – To make the comfortable temperature available to all

Solution – Multispectral and Intersectional collaboration will help in reducing the price rise.

  1. Energy-efficient refrigerator –

Solution – Making amenities of minimum power consumption

  • Improving the efficiency of power grids.
  1. Paralysing the cooling plan –

Solution – Providing heat requesting buildings and home for a common man

  1. Reducing the environmental impact –

Solution – Producing amenities of high efficiencies

  • Improve the skill of the labour for efficient service
  • Making provisions and Strict rules for disposal

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  1. Impact on employment –

Solution – Develop the recreate sector by more investments thereby more employees are incorporated

India should step forward with cooling action plan so that it should be compatible with the Global changes and providing prosperities to the nation.


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