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What is cyber crime?

Cyber Crime

Crimes committed over the platforms which use the internet are cyber crimes


  • Bank thefts
  • Stealing confidential information
  • Introducing privacy
  • Fake news, radicalization, involuntary phonography, etc.


The variety of cybersecurity threats being witnessed today are –

  • As digitization has increased tremendously with programs like Aadhaar in India, etc.
  • The breach of privacy or leakage of data, siphon of funds is a threat.
  • People are often blackmailed by retrieving their personal information. Ex. honey trapping

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An Indian army personnel was lured into sharing documents related to internal security

  • Radicalism and terrorism are promotion are being used through cyber mediums.
  • ISIS has been able to propagate its ideology over the internal.
  • The threat to democracy also looms large ex – the nuclear report has stated Russia’s role in manipulating the presidential elutions.

Julius Assange has been accused of retrieving confidential US’s Democratic Party’s documents.

  • Spread of fake news through the cyber medium has the potential to generate chaos and moll violence.

Hence preventive measures should be in plans to tackle the rising threats.

The attempts were taken by Indo to face there are –

  1. Data localization laws (proposed by Just Krishna committee.
  • 1.1. Earlier gaining access to information outside India was arduous.
  • 1.2. It can make the resolution of crimes in India and in a time-frame.

An independent regulates for payment systems has been proposed as monetary theft are the most common cybercrimes in India.

  1. India has made platforms like – Whatsapp, etc. to incorporate features to curl fakes news, child pornography, etc.

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What can be done more –?

  • Increases awareness by different mediums
  • Use public participation to control cyber crimes
  • Use artificial intelligence to target cybercriminals.

With the 4th industrial revolution, the cyber world has become a touristy. But with that, an effective regulatory mechanism is the need of the hours which allows productive elements to make use of it.


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