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What are climate resilient structures?

Climate resilience is a capacity to withstand and recover the lasts (socio-economic) caused due to climate change.

Climate-resilient infrastructures (CRI) are of utmost importance in today’s dynamic world as it is not the disaster which kills but long towering buildings.

Adopting CRI –

  • Minimize the cost of reconstruction
  • Protect vulnerable section from instantaneous damage
  • Reduce the number of casualties
  • Globally adopted:
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • Copenhagen

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National Guidance in Model building Bye laws 2016 of Ministry of Housing and Urban affairs also provide for integration of climate-resilient infrastructures with environmental clearance and sanctions.



Major challenges – 

  • Absence of funds
  • Vulnerable big cities did not adhere to the bylaws
  • Poor workmanship and concrete ill-designed techniques
  • Lack of R and D
  • Lack of knowledge in using the material and hazardous and haphazard development
  • Absence of a proper regulatory framework
  • Lack of adequate Bye laws in small-medium towns.


  • Making CRI- a priority
  • Integrating climate resilience with environmental sanctions
  • Adoption of innovative architectural designs (as done in Tamil Nadu coastal cities after the tsunami)
  • Access to improved knowledge and traditional craftsmanship
  • Using low-cost sustainable material for Poor’s.
  • Adopting the use of thatch and bamboo which are resilient to a wind speed of 160 kmph with easier possibilities of rebuilding
  • Risk classification of buildings with adequate policy support
  • Making flood risk assessment flood plain management mandatory.

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Government of India was also revised Indian Road Congress guidelines to provide important drainage system linked with water storage.

This, apart from providing timely will planned evacuation programmes and warning system, a shift to climate-resilient infrastructure would reduce the havoc caused by disasters to a great extent.

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