Gender budgeting

What is Gender budgeting?

How gender budgeting works: –

  • Reappropriation – Reappropriation of budgeting allowances rather than increasing budgetary allowances to gender needs.
  • Reorientation –Reorientation of programmes rather than increasing expenditure in a particular score.

Why gender budgeting is need of India?

  1. The earlier expect of Nickle down effect of macroeconomic policy is not responsive to the gender needs therefor there is need macroeconomic policy consisting gender issue.

                Gender budgeting –

  • Macroeconomic policy
  • Gender issues
  • Common facilities
  1. The social return of Infestation women is much higher than male –

How? – That household with an engaged mother – Chance of child facing poverty are very low

  • Have better chances that the child goes to school
  • Have better chances that there investment in health, nutrition and insurance.
  1. Gender budgeting not only argument women income but also national income.
  2. Gender budgeting promotes equality in wage and renovation.
  3. Gender budgeting gives women a say in parochial society.


Examples from abroad –

The UK passed a law called as from “wallet to purse” in which credit of child tax is provided to career generally rather than them career (generally father) to ensure that child won’t face poverty.

Way forward –

In countries like India where women work is neither recognized as productive neither it is renovated. Gender budgeting ensures to the empowerment of women. Financially, socially thosespecial focus.

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