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Gender Wage Gap Still Prevalent in India.

World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2018 highlights that world has closed 68% of gender gap and at current rates, it would take 108 years to completely close the gender gap.

  1. India has been ranked 108 out of 149 countries.
  2. India improves its rank in economic participation and opportunity.
  3. It is ranked at the bottom third in gender gap in health and survival.
  4. India ranked one of the worst in gender wage disparity.


  1. Preference to make worker at highest posts.
  2. Domestic work to women.
  3. Child care activities.
  4. Carrier breaks due to pregnancy.
  5. Gender stereotyping.
  6. Low skills.
  7. Less participation in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.
  8. Unsafe work places.
  9. Drop outs of girls from schools due to poor infrastructure, insecurity.
  10. Cultural stereotypes of not allowing women to work outside their homes.
  11. Financial dependence on men.

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           Impact of Gender Gap:

  1. Underutilization of talent.
  2. Increase Gender Inequality.
  3. Impact on Economic growth-affects GDP of India.
  4. Women don’t feel empower.
  5. Assertion of male dominance- continue patriarchy.
  6. India leys behind in closing Gender Gap in the world.


  • Providing equal opportunities to girls.
  • Skill development among women.
  • Emphasis on girl’s education and health.
  • Proper implementation of schemes on girls.
  • Generalizing awareness.
  • Women friendly policies at workplace.
  • Changing our mindset and treat the women equally.
  • Paternal leave.

Women are no less than men in any field. Society must change its behavior and perception towards women. We must transform our mindset and male women to achieve their full potential. In this era of 4th Industrial Revolution, only those countries would survive which would be able to harness its talent.


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