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What is India doing to increase solar energy?

In the times of severe environmental degradation and depleting natural sources, renewable sources of energy are needs to one exhausted. Among the various renewable sources, India has been gifted with great potential for harvesting solar energy.


Major reasons for the development of solar energy in India are –

  • India is a tropical country which makes it accessible to solar energy almost throughout the year.
  • Indian initiative for International Solar Alliance which is an alliance of 1 and 2 sunshine countries and Nationally Determined Contribution as per fare accord on climate change pledging for 40% of installed power generation capacity to form clean sources. The shows India is ambitions towards the use of alternative renewable resources.
  • It’s true that necessity is the motive of Intention. What became a drier farce for India’s to look towards solar energy is the huge demand and undermine power requirement. India being a mart country with mart population, it becomes necessary to create potential to be a nett importer of energy after meeting own demands.
  • India’s reliability on oil and impacts from different countries be also landed India on unforeseen Catch situation like after the US impacts petroleum from then. It imparts for India to be self-sufficient.

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Achievements of India-

  • India met its target earlier by 4 years by installing 28.81 aw of solar capacity in the year 2018 which was expected by 2022.
  • New targets being 100 aw of solar energy by 2022.
  • Solar tariffs haler comes down from Rs.18/kWh in 2010 to Rs. 2.4/kWh in 2018.
  • 47 solar panels are being set with a capacity of 26, 69 MW.

Challenges faced by India to harvest solar power-

  • India relief on the impacts of the solar plant. The new policy focuses on solar plant installation but way behind in solar panel manufacturing.
  • China low-cost solar panels have undercut India’s ambition to develop its own solar technology supplement.
  • India there is an underutilization of human capabilities and unavailability of capital in terms of finance.

The supply chain of solar photovoltaic panel manufacturing is as follows:

  • Silicon production from silicon co and
  • Production of solar grade silicon in gets solar wafer manufacturing.
  • PV module assembly.

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India is more engaged in module assembly, solar wafer manufacturing which involves less capital expenditure as well as technical knowledge. India should involve the production of silicon and solar grade silicon impacts.

Public procurement is the way forward to make input components.

Beds need to be large enough and supply spread over the years which will attract greenfield investment for the manufacturing in India. Also, human capabilities need to be enhanced to encourage semiconductor, manufacturing in India. Solar energy is a clean resource and its huge potential to be harnessed is India power surplus country.


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