What is cyber terrorism?

The same technology can be used to put a check on such activities, forex –

  • Tools like machine learning, Artificial intelligence, block chain can be used to identify suspicious content and drop it down. ex – Turtles, Whatsapp have been using such features.
  • Kerala’s Cyberdomo made uses the never cyber technology to keep a regular eye upon the terror – propagating content.
  • The crime and criminal tracking system of India are in peace to curb such activities.

Most importantly, the responsibility of judicious use of computers and the internet should come from citizen themselves. Parents, guardians, teachers should play a role in it since childhood.

With the coming of the Industrial Revolution i.o, dependence on computers have increased in every field.

However, with evolving technology, the strategies of terrorists are also changing.

Through, a computer connected to the internet can provide connectivity to another end of the globe, it has been used to propagate terrorism on a large scale.

The recent examples are like –

  • The ISIS has completely converted to online propaganda – ranging from
  • radicalization
  • recruitment
  • funding
  • Recently, a similar IS ideology based module was detained by the NIA. It was propagating the same through a Facebook page ‘Khalifah GFX’ to carry out a Sri Lanka like terror attack in South India.
  • The use of cryptocurrency has been alleged to have been used by terror outfits to gather financial resources.

However, computer-based technology cannot be blamed.

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