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Unseen Passage for Grade 7 | MCQ Practice test | Reading Comprehension exercise

Unseen passage is an important part of English exam for Grade 7. It is part to check student reading abilities, and logical thinking process in analyzing a given paragraph.  In this article, we have shared an unseen passage for grade 7 with mcq questions, so that students can attempt this reading passage and attempt the questions for practice.

Unseen passage for Grade 7 with Multiple Choice Questions

Source: BBC

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the release of Suavecito, by the band Malo, which became a mainstream hit at a time when Latinxs were just a small percentage of the US population. Played for half a century at weddings, funerals, quinceañeras, and low-rider car events, Suavecito made history as one of the most enduring classics of the Chicano rock era, symbolising Latinx pride and progress at a time when Mexican-Americans and other Latinx people were fighting for equal rights in the US.

Yet, despite the love song’s widespread success, not many people know Bean, who wrote the song and sang lead vocals, but never gained national prominence and missed a chance at stardom. Bean wrote the song when he was in a high school algebra class at Mission High School in San Francisco. Influenced by 1960s R&B acts like Smokey Robinson, Sam and Dave, and Sam Cooke, he was striving for a soul classic. “That music had a huge influence on my life,” he says. It was the late 1960s and he thought he was in love. “I actually flunked algebra class because I was writing poems to her,” Bean says with a laugh

Things didn’t work out with the girl, but his adoration spawned a hit song for Malo, reaching number 18 on the Billboard charts in 1972. Santana had opened the doors to the mainstream for Chicano musicians by appearing at Woodstock and having major hits like Oye Como Va and Everybody’s Everything, which reached numbers 13 and 12 respectively in 1970 and 1971. With Suavecito, Malo was announcing Chicano rock was here to stay.

Over the past 20 years major Latino acts like Bad Bunny, Pitbull and before them, Gloria Estefan and Los Lobos, have packed arenas and sold enormous amounts of records. But back in 1972, Santana was the only Latinx band to chart in the US, despite the large worldwide population of Spanish-speaking people. “It seemed like the industry could only handle one Latino act at the time,” Los Angeles-based musician Ruben Amaro tells BBC Culture. “Competition was fierce in Latino rock bands because they threw just bits and pieces for opportunity within the Latin rock world.”

MCQ for unseen passage for Class 7

Unseen Passage Question: What genre of music does Suavecito represent?

  1. Pop music era
  2. Chicano rock era
  3. Rock n’ Roll era
  4. None of these

Question: Suavecito song was written by Bean in?

  1. High school football ground
  2. High school chemistry laboratory
  3. High school algebra class
  4. High school music class

Question: Suavecito song is of which band?

  1. Malo
  2. Balo
  3. Bean
  4. Cano

Question: Which of these are not Latinx brand, as per the passage?

  1. Gloria Estefan
  2. Los Lobos
  3. Pitbull
  4. Rolling Stones

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