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HTML Coding assignment

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HTML Coding assignment requirement

  1. Create an XHTML file named BodyFitForLife.htm
  2. In the head element, include the appropriate page title, along with a comment that describes the purpose of the page, your name and the date
  3. Include at least one example of each of the following in the document
  4. Heading
  5. Paragraph
  6. Ordered or unordered list
  7. Character formatting element
  8. Inline image
  9. Horizontal line
  10. Special character
  11. Block level element that isn’t a heading, paragraph, list, or horizontal line
  12. Demonstrate your understanding of inline styles by including at least two different examples of an inline styles
  13. Use proper XHTML syntax at all the times. Close all two sided tags. Properly nest all tags. Use lowercase element and attribute names. Enclose attribute values in quotes. Include alternate text for non-graphical browsers with inline images
  14. Write your code so that it will be easy to read and understand. You may download and use two image files from the internet, citing where you downloaded them from, and create a list of three to five features at your discretion.
  15. Save your XHTML file and then view the resulting web page in a browser
  16. Submit your completed project

HTML Coding assignment Grading pattern

  • Appropriate heading: 10
  • Paragraph: 10
  • List (either ordered or unordered): 10
  • Character formatting element: 10
  • Inline image: Two different examples : 10
  • Horizontal line: 10
  • Special character: 10
  • Block level element that isn’t a heading, paragraph, list, or horizontal line: 10
  • Use of proper XHTML syntax: 10
  • Easy to read and understand code: 10

Total: 100

HTML Coding assignment Instructions

Body Fit for Life is one of the leaders in home gym equipment. The company recently hired you to help develop its website. You must first create a web page for its latest model home gym, XJS500, an upgrade to its previous model with new features. The XJS500 is a resistance based machine that allows users to adjust tension by selecting different resistance bands on the machine. Download the following files:

  1. Overview and features of the XJS500
  2. Image file and logo jpg displaying the company logo
  3. Body_Fit_For_Life.jpg, an image of the XJS500

You can also supplement these files with any other resources you have. You are responsible for the content and appearance of the page.

Assignment solution for HTML Coding exam


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