Grail Insights interview process

Grail Insights Interview Process

About Grail Insights

Grail Insights is leading research company (KPO), offering strategic insights consultancy to global clients. Grail Insights services includes market opportunities research, compliance research, finding Go to market strategy, research and analyzing competition and other factors in business, applying research insights in delivering business for the companies.

Team: Consists of 250+ analysts, consultants, marketing scientists, technologists, data scientists and senior client services officers

Headquarter: Oakland, California

Specialties; Strategy Consulting & Insights, including Market Intelligence, Consumer Understanding, Knowledge Management, Operations Optimization, Sales Activation, Future casting and more

Interview process at Grail Insights

This interview is with Manager at Grail Insights, Noida Office.

Question: For which roles does your company hire people at entry level position and fresher?

Answer: We, at Grail Insights (part of Integron Group) hires Management Trainee (MT) in our entry level positions. We pick fresher as well as experience people in this role.

Question: What is an education criterion for candidate to apply into entry level positions at Grail Insights?

Answer: We hire both graduate and post graduates for our entry level position at Grail Insights. We hire people from engineering, commerce and arts background.

Question: What are the technical skills/past work criteria for candidate to apply into entry level positions at Grail Insights?

Answer: We need smart people. People who can work on data, and can create interesting analysis. Knowledge of Microsoft Office is highly important. We also look for people who have prior experience in analytics and visualization tools.

Question: Does your company conduct written test or computer test for entry level positions?

Answer: Yes, we do conduct online test during Grail Insights recruitment process.

Question: What kind of entry level tests you conduct at Grail Insight? What is a qualification criterion in these tests?

Answer: Our test consists of mental ability test containing General Aptitude questions. Candidate need to cross the passing marks.

Question: How many rounds of interviews are there? And who takes the interview (like HR, hiring manager, Team Lead, Director)

Answer: Once candidate is though with Grail Insights test, his interviews are scheduled with Line Manager, Director and HR Manager. Whole process took 3-4 hours of time.

Question: If you have to recommend one tip to people looking for job at your company, what will that be?

Answer: I strongly recommend people to brush up their analytics skills and practice general aptitude questions, as we at Grail Insights will be testing. I also advise candidates to work on communication skills, especially talking with client and openness to feedback.

Sample Interview questions of Grail Insights

Here is list of real interview questions from Grail Insights interviews

  • Demand of business clothing for women in 2020
  • Revenue of Municipal Corporation of Delhi in a month (for a particular outlet)
  • Estimate the revenue of DLF mall of India
  • Estimate the sale of fit-bits in 2020
  • Calculate the number of 1kg Butterscotch Ice Creams sold by Mother Dairy
  • Calculate the number of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows sold by Flipkart in a year.
  • Case study on Amazon Alexa
  • of strawberry bricks( > 1L) sold in a locality in a month

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Grail Insights Salary

This data is for Noida Office. This data is taken from Glassdoor.

  • Analyst Salary: Rs 7 lac/year
  • Research Analyst: Rs. 6.5 lac/year
  • Project lead: Rs 13 lac/year
  • Associate Project lead: Rs 9.25 lac/year

End note

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