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Hindi Language – Commonly used words and Phrases | Essential Hindi for foreigners and non-Hindi speakers | Hindi Tutors Online

India is a land of diverse culture and geography. Languages are the distinct feature of each geography. Hindi language, coming from Devanagri family of language is most popular language in India, and spoken in vast region of north India. It is also commonly used by non-native Hindi speakers by different part of India, along with English language. You need to have basic command of Hindi language, if you are non-Hindi speaker or from other nation, in order to communicate to vast majority of Indian population. Hindi language is also popularly in school curriculum, and it compulsory subject as second/third language for student till Grade 8.  We strongly suggest you to go for online private Hindi tuitions classes, if you want to learn or improve your Hindi language skills. A good Hindi tutor will help you improve your spoken Hindi part, as well help you understand the basics of Hindi language and will do writing Hindi practice.

In this article, we will cover commonly used Hindi words, which you need to learn if you are new to Hindi language. In our previous article, we covered common Hindi phrases in details.

Common Hindi words for daily use

We have divided this article into 4 sections.

Number system in Hindi language

English Hindi
Zero Shoonya
One Ek
Two Do’h
Three Teen
Four Char
Five Paanch
Six Che
Seven Saat
Eight Aath
Nine No’h
Ten Dus
Twenty Bhees
Fifty Pachaas
Hundred So’h
Five Hundred Paanch So’h
Thousand Hazaar

Colors in Hindi Language

English Hindi
White Safed
Black Kala
Red Laal
Blue Neela
Yellow Peela
Green Hara
Pink Gulaabi
Purple Jamuni
Brown Bhoora
Orange Santari

Days of the week in Hindi Language

English Hindi
Monday Som-vaar
Tuesday Mangal-vaar
Wednesday Budh-vaar
Thursday Veer-vaar
Friday Sukra-vaar
Saturday Shani-vaar
Sunday Ravi-vaar

Seasons and weathers in Hindi language

English Hindi
Summer Garmi
Fall Pat-jhad
Winter Sardi
Spring Basant
Day Din
Night Raat
Evening Shaam
How’s weather Mausam kaisa hai
Sunny Sooraj nikla hai
Raining Baarish ho rahi hai
Windy Hawa chala rahi hai
Snowy Baraf pad rahi hai
Hot Garam
Cold Thanda
Good Accha
Bad Bura
New year Naya Saal


In this article, we have covered commonly used Hindi words and phrases in day to day life.  We hope that this list will be helpful in your day to day conversation in Hindi language. If you are looking for dedicated Hindi language support, we advise you to go for private Hindi teacher who can take Hindi lessons online , and guide you properly .

Xamnation.com has 100s of online Hindi tutors who can personally guide you to learn Hindi language. So, even if you are from non Hindi speaking region, or you are a foreigner visiting India, you can take 1:1 personal guidance with our private Hindi tutors. We conduct online Hindi tuition classes for school children and adults. You can also check our Hindi course for exchange students, foreigners and non-native Hindi speakers. We will cover basic of Hindi language; will cover spoken, reading, listening and written Hindi part of language.

Mail your requirements to info@xamnation.com , and our counselors will be happy to guide you online Hindi tuitions for foreigners and non-native Hindi speakers. We also cover grade wise Hindi tuitions too.

Happy Learning!

धन्यवाद !

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