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Hindi Language – Most common Hindi phrase | Online Hindi tutors for Foreigners and non-Hindi speakers

Hindi is the most popular and widely spoken language in India. As a foreigner (someone coming outside India), you will do in India with English and Hindi language. Hindi, being common man language, will help you communicate with people from urban as well as rural people in India. Most of India speaks Hindi language, as directly as mother tongue, or a variation of mother tongue. Even people in southern and north-east India where they have different family of languages as their mother tongue, Hindi language is default communication language with other states people. In schools too, the curriculum followed by different school boards recommend Hindi as second or third language.

In this article we will cover used phrases in Hindi language, which will help you survive if you come from non Hindi speaking region or you are a foreign nation. We will also give you tips if in case you need online Hindi tutor for learning this language. Having spoken Hindi tutor will atleast help you communicate easily with local people in India. In our previous article, we covered most common Hindi words in details.

Commonly used Hindi phrase

English Hindi
Hello or Hi Namaste
How are you? Aap kaise hai
I’m fine. Main theek hoon
What is your name? Aapka naam kya hai
My name is Bob Mera naam Bob hai
Thank you Dhanyavad
Sorry / Excuse me Maaf kijiye
See you! Fir Milenge
Let’s go! Chalo
Yes Haan
No Nahi
Okay Theek hai
How much is this? Yeh kitne ka hai
I’m hungry Mujhe bhook lagi hai
Where can I find food? Khana kahan milega
Where can I find water? Paani kahan milega
I like this Mujhe pasand hai
Where is this place? Yeh jagah kahai hai
I need to go there Mujhe wahan jaana hai
I need to go to toilet Mujhe sauchalay jaana hai
How much? Kitne ka hai
Help me Meri madad kijiye
Call the police Police ko bulao
Can I help you? Kya main aapki madad kar sakta hu (male)

Kya main aapki madad kar sakti hu (female)

Reference videos for commonly used Hindi phrases

Video- How to introduce yourself in Hindi

Video- How to say thank you in Hindi


These are commonly used Hindi phrases in India. We hope you will find this list useful. You can also get in touch with tutors for online Hindi teaching to foreigners and non-Hindi speakers. Xamnation.com has 100s of online Hindi tutors who can personally guide you in Hindi subjects. So, even if you are from non Hindi speaking region, or you are a foreigner visiting India, you can take 1:1 personal guidance with our online Hindi tutors. We conduct Hindi tuition classes for school children and adults. You can check our Hindi course for exchange students, foreigners and non-native Hindi speakers. We will cover basic of Hindi language; will cover spoken, reading, listening and written Hindi part of language.

Mail your requirements to info@xamnation.com , and our counselors will be happy to guide you online Hindi tuitions for foreigners and non-native Hindi speakers. We also cover grade wise Hindi tuitions too.

Happy Learning!

धन्यवाद !

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