Key challenges of private particiapation in India’ space program

The first time the US space agency NASA lets a private sector company SpaceX to resume the manned space flight with SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule to docked on ISS. NASA has collaborated with private space companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin to actively create Space Industry.

ISRO has also law built and launched satellites famously with the help of private players. E.g. AIT for IRNSS-IT by Alpha design technologies company in Bengaluru.

ISRO is also moving towards its first manned mission that is GAGANYAN MISSION in which it wants private players to take over PSLV and satellite production.

Need for the private space industry in India –

  • It should reduce the load on ISRO.
  • ISRO can devote more time in core research
  • Overcome manpower constraint of ISRO.
  • To meet new technological demand and meet the best interest of people.

Challenges –

  • Absence of the legislative and regulatory framework in the space sector.
  • Less transparency in obtaining a license, using frequencies and taxing satellites.
  • Limited infrastructure to meet the demand and also the resources.
  • Less popularity of the Aerospace field.

The private participation will offer the following opportunities –

  • Enhance the SME sector in the satellite domain e.g. startups like Team Indus, Dhruva Space, etc.
  • The rising popularity of air travel and space exploration will increase the opportunity in the Aerospace Engineering field
  • Creating high-end employment
  • Boost economy
  • Advanced technological capacity building
  • Contribute to International cooperation and diplomacy.


  • Relax policies relating to the private satellite. E.g. Space activities Bill (pending)
  • Facilitate easy insurance of licenses
  • Encourage startup and individual for innovating new space technologies. E.g. DRDO’s ‘Dare to dream’ contest, ISRO’s ‘Young scientist program’
  • Providing high-level training facilities
  • Prevaricating PSLV launches.

Thus, the private participation in India’s space program will give India an edge and truly democratizes space exploration by an increasing number of satellites, explore more research opportunity and overcome manpower and budgetary constraints. It will also fulfil the vision of Indian’s access to space.

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