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How does climate changes impact agriculture?

Climate is one of the giant problems standing in front of the world require an urgent solution because its effect begins to visible and in future going to be deep and drastic.

Nearly every aspects of life gravely affected by climate change but effect on the vulnerable and stress sector such as agriculture is worse.

Impacts on agriculture –

  • Uncertainty of monsoon
  • Indian agriculture is called the ‘gamble of monsoon’ severely affected by climate change.
  • Uncertainty directly affects farm productivity and livelihood of farmers which leads to poverty.
  • Increase instances of either floods or droughts are also not in favour of sustained agriculture.
  • Productivity will drastically go down.
  • Increased use of fertilizers and pesticides become a matter of concern, which contaminated air, food and water.
  • Pollution may aggravate the problem more.
  • Less means of irrigation.

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If climate change will continue to step in agriculture at a constant pace then it will affect the food security of the country directly and double the farmer income till 2022 merely remains a dream.

To cope up the concern of climate change, some of the efforts of Government are following –

  • Nationally determined the commitment to reduce carbon emission.
  • National clean air programme – to cure air pollution.
  • International solar alliance.
  • Use of biofuels and conventional source of energy – the KUSUM scheme
  • A step toward an electric vehicle.

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All this effort will succeed with its appropriate implementation collaboration between various agencies and awareness among people will scientifically help in curbing the menace of climate change.


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