space debris

Why are space debris so harmful?

Space debris is referred to the natural debris like of meteoroids etc as well as debris from mass of defunct, artificially created object in space, especially in earth’s orbit.

Space debris is a threat:

  • More than 5 lakhs pieces of considerable size are tracked as they orbit around the earth. They all travel at speed 17,500 mph which is enough to knock out a satellite.
  • It increases the potential damage to all space vehicles.

Mission Shakti:

  • ASAT is successful by targeting a live satellite in low earth orbit.
  • It is an important step with regards to India’s security as well as for economical growth and technological advancement.
  • India is now became the fourth country to acquire the capability of space warfare after US, China and Russia.
  • Extremely high degree of precision and technical capacity is required in text.

Concern with space debris on Mission:

  • If two object collide in space it will lead to Domino effect and thus the speed after an extent would be more than 8 km per second. Even a marble sized trash can knock out a satellite of this much speed which further can damage more satellite. This effect is Kessler syndrome.
  • Space Debris may add hidden cost to mission.

Danger to people:

  • According to ESA (European Space Agency) 75% of large launched already re-entered earth’s atmosphere.
  • In 2002, NASA estimated chances of being hit by debris is 1 in 3200.

What needs to be done:

  • Various missions to remove such as remove debris by Britain deorbit by ESA etc. must be launched.
  • During a launch it must be a concern that satellite will not contribute to space debris in near future.
  • New missions are testing ways to junk through robotic arms.
  • The types of material used in satellite be such like that, it will be decomposed after certain amount of time.


As we continuously launch more and more into space, it’s clear that we can’t continue this process forever. So it is the time to have a control and eliminate the space debris is that we can give a clean space to our future generations.

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