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Does the death penalty stop crime ?

A death penalty is a form of capital punishment that can deter any provocation of happiness mine due the along to determent principal that the hearing pertains.

Then it can be effective in preventing crime to an extent –

  • It is effective when criminality Is habitual and heinous, such as the case of habitual offends.
  • It can act as deter rant towards an act by baring a strong sense of demotivation and restraint. Eg – cases such as rape, the offence of minors etc.
  • The death penalty has been successfully utilized in many progressive nations and to ensure social morality.
  • Laws of declaring the death penalty through electrocution by the USA towards hiatus criminals (murderous etc.) on making interest.

However –

  1. It has a strong deterrence factor that is of reformative action through the condition of information. It can only deter it –
  2. It can be termed as medical and against the principles of reformative justice.
  3. The death penalty can accelerate the intercity of violence in certain cases.
  4. Assurance of death can intensify bestiality as in the case with rape.

India’s stance –

  • Lately, the case of crimes on gender and minors have related fresh scope on the issue of death as capital punishment.
  • Death penalty act as a strong deterrent considering the Indian prison system is less reformative.
  • India’s socio-cultural life demands a strong capital punishment due to threat to vulnerable:
  • It is for this reason that criminal laws bill has been amended to include the death penalty for sexual assault on minor below 12 years.
  • The various committee has recommended the death penalty for crimes such as rape.
  • mismatch committee recommended death over life imprisonment across many views.

However – 

  • In absence of a strong judicial system on criminality, along with the prevalence of an adverse system of the judiciary death penalty may be declared without technical safeguards varying chances of errors assembled human rights violations.

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